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FedEx Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Fedex offers a complete package of worldwide shipping options.

FedEx Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

942 South Shady Grove Road

Memphis, TN 38120 USA

Corporate Phone: 1-901-818-7500

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  1. I have been trying to cancel my subscription to our time and I am having difficulty doing so. I can’t even get to my account. What kind of business are they running anyway.

  2. I was behind one of your drivers in Watertown SD today as he (or she) was headed back to the thermal. The tail lights on the truck were so mud covered from the gravel roads that you could hardly see them let alone tell if the brake lights or turn signals were on.

  3. My packages were in express but were to b shipped ground. John B. Saw from a distance we were going to need help so he came over in line he explained the situation. He helped us repack and helped give advice to others! Wow he was so very helpful! That is good customer service!

  4. I think FedEx supervisors should start doing they’re jobs. Bronx NY Was given 3 day delivery…never happened. Called and am told 2 more days and an attempt was made…LIE. Stayed home for the delivery as a phone call promised and it never happened. UPS only for me. this company is full of clods.

  5. Absolutely the worst service I have ever experienced. Paid for expedited shipping and did not receive 2 packages on time. A neighbor down the road found her packages in the ditch bc the driveway had snow in it, however UPS walked a package up the driveway the same day. Will be shipping UPS from now on.

  6. After paying for second day delivery I expected to see my package on time. This was not the case.So I called to check and there was an address issue. The service representative assured me the problem was fixed and informed me my local sort facility would call with an update.And they called as promised .When I asked when it would deliver they said today. But guess what? My package got on the truck and rode around all day and went right back to to the local facility. This is not rocket science. Now the 1-800-463-3339 rep (Alan) tells me it will deliver Monday.That will be five days.Anyone who believes Tom Hanks delivered Fed Ex packages from a deserted island is delusional. Here’s the kicker, the sort facility is a lousy five miles up the road from my house. Tony Romo has a better success rate than Fed Ex.End of rant. If I could give them negative stars I would

  7. Our FedEx driver ran over our dog today and he later died at the vet’s office. We discovered our dog just as the truck sped away. I realize this doesn’t have anything to do with their delivery system, but it is very upsetting and it could have been avoided.

  8. Thursday Nov 7 203

    Why can’t the driver at least ring the door bell when leaving a package. Mine was left on a chair, in full sight of street, on the porch. I was home all day and could of brought it in, if I had know the driver was there. It was not a inexpensive package.

    Grass Valley Ca.

  9. They lost the term i shipped out . lost the term and the money i paid to ship it. Customer service is used less.Not if Im more up ser of losing my package or dealing with the stupiedty of customer service.

  10. Cannot believe the incompetence of this Fed Ex system. Tracked my package and was on it’s way to my city one week ago. Called the customer service number yesterday and they had no clue as to it’s whereabouts. I give up!!! Will not order from any company again using Fed ex Smart post as it doesn’t appear very smart to me. This situation has happened to me before . Three strikes and you are out!

  11. I had long planned a cross-Mongolia/Siberia three-week train trip beginning at St. Petersburg, Russia and ending at Beijing, China. To do this I needed a Russian visa, and began dealing with CIBTvisas (with whom I have no quarrel,) and sent my passport along with the necessary documents by Fedex to the CIBT offices in Houston, Texas. Fedex lost my package. Supposedly it arrived at their offices in Memphis, Tennessee, and disappeared.

    The tour has left without me. Of course, I was very disappointed. I have expenses, backed by receipts, that add up to more than $6000.00. I have lost my passport, and can’t even leave Mexico where I live. I have also lost my Chinese visa.

    Fedex claims no responsibility apart from the shipping fee. I have to apply to have that refunded. I feel I should have some recourse. My tracking number is 796668691411 and the case number is 0924026096.

    Please help.

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