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  1. I am Mary and have a summer home at Gerle Creek Summer Home Tract in California.. Do I have an account with Ferrellgas? If so what is my balance due?

  2. I am a Ferrell gas customer with an active account, I have an on going problem with the POOR Service that I have received from your company. I have called your 1-888-337-7355 number no less then 20 times since January this year. I have spoken to several females that have answered the phone from Richmond, Va to Ahoskie, NC. I have been passed from one telephone voice mail to another and not one of the so called Managers have ever returned my call. I had my yard tore up when they delivered the tank, my telephone and cable service lines cut after they were clearly marked, and the trench hole that was dug to install the gas line is still exposed. Yes I have pictures.

    So is there someone out there at Ferrellgas that can return my call or answer this post or point me in the direction of someone that give-a-crap?

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