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Fiat is entering the US market in 2011 with the new Fiat 500. The Fiat 500 is huge hit in Europe. With the move towards small cars and the success of the Mini, this time should be the charm for Fiat.

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  1. I own a 2012 fiat 500 pop. left rear tire is feathered and both rear tires are cupped. tires are rotated and tire pressure is at specs in the owners manual.the car has 23000 miles and no accidents. the dealer says alignment is ” within specs ” the rear is obviously out of spec. what can I do to fix this issue other than get the run around from fiat?

  2. This company is impossible to contact….sends out false incentives….has a website impossible to navigate…the two door test drive/omg what a cheap tin can car

  3. I would like to know when am I going to get my light bulb for my 2014 500L fog lamps. I have been waiting long enough. there’s been a lot of bull in this case. SOMEONE PLEASE CALL ME AT

  4. I sent a note to fiat regarding my 05 pacifica. the rear fenders rusted due to defective metal and under warrenty were repaired and not replaced as I thought they should be. They are rusting again and when I sent a letter to chrysler customer service she said they could do nothing. Therefore I am requesting fiat to look into the situation. I don’t want to drive around in a beautiful car with holes in my rear fenders. Not a good advertisement for chrysler or fiat. Donald Morris 1542 Avalon st Wooster Ohio 44691

    phone 330-264-6649 0r 330-347-8896

  5. My 2015 Fiat 500e has been in the shop for over 3 months, the reason being that my car is too new and Fiat does not have replacement parts. WHAT! I have contacted Fiat and all they do is give me a possible date the part will come in. They keep pushing that date back. It’s been over 5 times that they’ve moved the date. I would never of bought a Fiat if I knew the company had such bad customer service.

  6. The HOLT Dealership never refunded my GAP insurance the figured in the total price of vehicle. HOLT Chrysler

    /FIAT gave me a receipt showing The $700.00 GAP insurance was not accepted, but they have refused to refund the monies to me.

    Plus The Dostuffentary Fee was not agreed to; ” I (William E. Dean, JR) told HOLT Chrysler at the signing that The Dostuffentary

    fee is not an Official Fee. It also states a Dostuffentary fee is not required by Law.”

    Additionally the $1, 925.00 for the service contract was never mentioned during the process of my signing of five additionally dostuffents forced on me, and was told to sign. They also promised me four new tires and haven’t provided them.

    As a 100% Disabled United States Veteran, I feel I was taken advantage of. I have a military ID Card, and a 100% Disabled Veteran (service connected) and no one offered me a Military Discount.

    I feel I am due a refund of $2, 600.00 because the dostuffents I signed.

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