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  1. Hello,

    My brother is a devout reader of the financial Times. We live in Norwood Massachusetts so to obtain the paper, he takes the bus to the commuter rail station to buy it there and then he brings it home. He does this every week.

    I tell my brother that he is really an oxymoron because he is bi-polar which determined it would be difficult to maintain a job, so he receives public assistance and reads books about Russian history, and he is very smart in the way of History, Politics in general. Now, back to the Financial Times. He has no money to invest and yet he buys your pager for the articles!
    I admire him for this and I thought you might appreciate him for it as well. Perhaps enough to send him a Financial Times t shirt that he would wear proudly! I try to help him with money when I can, though I pay for many things in the home and I am merely an administrative ass at MIT for over 20 years! My sister who is ill lives with us too. The three of us make an interesting bunch.
    I love my brother and I wanted him to get something fun in the mail from his favorite newspaper.
    Sincerely, Peggy

  2. In New Haven CT the distributor refuses to deliver the paper to me tho I paid almost $300.00. In July.

    I keep phoning the distributor and they sometimes send it out later by a very disgruntled employee..

    Perhaps they should try to find a better outfit?

    Moore Davison, New Haven CT

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