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Since 1948, Fingerhut has grown from a small entrepreneurial business into a nation-wide direct retailer, delivering shop-at-home convenience and a wide selection of products both online and through regular mailings to their customers.

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29 Replies to “Fingerhut Customer Service”

  1. Fingerrhut hss very poor customer value do not order from here you will regret it they are trained liars they change their story ervery time you call andif youn ask for a supervisor oh I will have one call you back they never return your call they lie to your face when you talk to their customer service reps they hang up the phone on you never again fingerhut I am turning this over to my state attorney generals office they can do things to you legally for lying and do your self a favor do not order from this company you can save yourself a lot of aggravasion and they are liars

  2. to whom it may concern.have been trying,to speak with some one,about getting parts for a bed that i paid over 400.00 dollers for.since 9 oclock this morning.would someone please contact me thank you. Herman E Yoder

  3. Do not order bedding from this company. The sheets fall apart while placing them on the bed for the first time, and the bedspreads are just as flimsy and cheap. They’re customer service number is always busy so you will not be able to resolve any issues over the phone. Fingerhut was good back in the day, I wonder what happened?

  4. Just don’t do it!!! This was a horrible experience! I had to return the very first item i ever bought and it took months. I called a ton of times and Couldn’t reach anyone. Then they couldn’t find my returned item! So when they finally found it they credited my account bk less than what I had paid and charged me shipping n handling for my return. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! By the way you won’t find their customer service phone number on their website and they do not respond to emails… Fingerhut u suck.

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