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  1. Very interesting comments. I have had big problems with firefox sayfrom the last three updates or so. Talk about messing up a computer and driving people goofy this is it. I wish I had Obamas new wage for every hour I’ve tried to fix FireFox. I think the least they could do is write everyone and tell them you are trying to fix it What about all the pop ups that come with the downloads…..some are down right filthy.

  2. Will you please discontinue the new audio verbal nonsense of asking for a survey.

    I am going to discontinue Firefox unless you comply with my request. The other

    services are better in this regard. Can I hear from you guys, or am I going to pull

    the plug. Just one of thousands, but each voice counts, bro.

  3. 1. All of a sudden, my computer seems infected with malware or something. Ads are interfering with anything I try to do online. What should I do?

    2. What antivirus should I run with Firefox?

    I have Norton, but it does not support Firefox.

  4. Mozilla is promoting some add-ons that “sound too good to be true.” I ran a search for “forum: price gong scam” & “forum: TMart scam” & found that BOTH OF THEM are considered to be scams by MANY people who have sent their hard-earned $$$ to TMart as a result of a low price, as a result of a price gong recommendation, only to find that they got nothing but a bunch of questions & requests for an order number, which they were not given; they got NO merchandise, NO refund, NOTHING in return for their $$$ but a LOT OF GRIEF that they didn’t need. They need to screen these outfits before they “recommend” them as an add-on to Mozilla & Firefox. I’ve had bad experiences with eBay & PayPal, who took the side of the seller instead of helping me, which caused me to get scammed out of $45, which is a LOT OF $$$ TO ME (may not be to you, but it is to me). As a result, I’ve closed both my eBay & PayPal accts. Now, I “do my homework first” when I run onto a “supposed price break.” I run a search to see who else found them to be a scam (yes, even Windows considers one of these to be a scam). Many people have not learned this lesson yet. So, they take the price gong recommendation, send their $$$ to TMart, & get NOTHING. They get scammed. The folks @ Mozilla should help us by not “recommending” this adware crap before they do their own homework & check it out.

  5. In July I was not able to open the Firefox Browser and called a number for Mozilla Firefox Support. I spoke with a man from India, he said the company was called Albion Global. He said they worked for Firefox & he needed to scan my computer to find & fix the problem but I first had to pay for a warranty. So I stupidly purchased a 3 year warranty for my laptop & printer for $500. I gave him complete access to my computer, not thinking about him having access to all my personal information. He told me it had a Trojan virus and supposedly fixed it. He gave me this phone number: 855-857-1687 to call anytime I was having trouble with my computer or printer & they would fix it. This was 2 1/2 months ago and I’ve still been feeling uncomfortable about it. I found a Mozilla Firefox website yesterday and called that phone number but again I got an independent contractor. This one was called OmniTech Support. Why can’t I talk to someone at Firefox? It’s irritating! Are these independent contractors really working for Mozilla or are they fraudulent?

  6. Firefox 0.8 (Royal Oak) The link to this doesn’t work and neither do any of your feedback links. That I found this is by unseen intervention. By: Charlane Meyer, all rights reserved, without prejudice, sui juris, void of fealty.

  7. i want a phone number for firefox i downloaded the newest edition and now i cannot open the browser at all i cannot seem to uninstall it of fix it

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