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  1. I NEED TO GET A GIG STOPPED! It is not what I ordered and it is doing more harm than good. The seller acknowledges it’s not right but told me not to worry about it, that he was using a cheaper list from outside the country But it has to be US, that’s why I chose him I am desperate to stop it I don’t even care about the $5 at this point I have looked everywhere for some way to contact customer support to no avail Desperate to stop this

  2. trouble service and did not get my product. unable to locate a customer support number. how do I get my money refunded from the fiverr acct.

  3. I just did a gig with one of your sellers. He is jayrob1234. I want to save him to my favorites for future business, but his gig ad is nowhere to be found. I originally found him by searching excel spreadsheet. I looked all over your website for customer support contact info, and there isn’t any. Strange way to run your business. Just tell me where to find jayrob1234 so I can add him to my favorites list. Thank you.

  4. I have been with Fiverr for about a year now as a seller and they have been pretty good about their customer service with the exception of a few people who handle these support tickets from time to time. Usually they are easy to deal with, investigative, and a support both buyers and sellers well. However I have been dealing with a buyer who became insidious when I explained to him that his order was incomplete. They began to harass me, bully me and try to extort me out of the service because he did not read the description as on my gig page and refused to recognize his error after my many attempts to provide what is described on my gig page and trying to explain the problem to him. In contacting Fiverr the customer representative I had this time was Tara who I have had before. The investigating skills are not up to par. It is always clear in her reply that she does not thoroughly read the information given or the correspondence between the buyer and me the seller or fully understand technical issues even after I attach screenshots. There are a lot of technical issues. Because this buyer couldn’t bully me into what he wanted he began to threaten me with derogatory comments he intended to write in the review while harassing me and rejecting all order cancellations. The bullying was clear yet Tara felt we should wait 24 hours to see if the buyer would respond to the request to cancel or supply the requirements for the gig then she would proceed to cancel it. Problem is the guy has made it clear what his intentions are yet she couldn’t see that and the order was scheduled for delivery in less than 2 hours. I have been dealing with this buyer and customer support for over 2 days. I believe this is very inadequate service from their customer support representative. I would venture to say perhaps Fiverr isn’t interested in protecting buyers from bullies and extortionist.

  5. I would like it if you could refund me the $15.00 order I did…. I can’t do your program an would like my money back quickly…. Thanks Dolores

  6. Trying to cancel my account for weeks. No phone number I emailed customer support and they said they cannot respond to my request because my account is not confirmed. No directions on how to “confirm” my account. They send me several emails a day which I send to spam every time but they will not stop. They keep going to inbox no matter how many times I send them to spam. No option to unsubscribe. Never give this company your info they will not leave you alone!

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