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  1. The company is not consumer friendly when trying to get customer service. I am getting the run around in trying to get an answer to a small problem.

  2. I seem to have a problem with my flexsteel furniture. I want you to read this completely before you say you can’t help me.

    I purchased a leather couch with recliners and two matching recliner chairs.

    Transaction date 07/08/2015

    Amount 4,156.95.


    After a few months I notice the color was coming off. I called Levin’s and they sent someone to repair the furniture and they did a great job. Well it happened again and sent out a different repair person. He fix the

    problem. I asked him what happens if I have another problem. He said ” you will have to live with it.” Not customer friendly. When I bought my furniture I explained what I want and my sale person said Flex Steel

    So after looking and sitting in it I purchase the most expensive furniture I ever had. I’m on a fixed income and

    can’t buy furniture whenever I want. I’m still paying on it and it looks like crap. And I will never shop at Levine’s again, I will never buy your furniture. What can you do for me.

  3. Didn’t want to talk to me at first, wanted to direct me to local dealer. I pressed a little, they got me an answer.

    I was pleased. I learned that if you purchase any stain guard or protection for fabric/leather, flex steel warranty is voided.

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