Flixster Corporate Office Headquarters
208 Utah St., 4th Fl.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-255-7215

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37 Replies to “Flixster”

  1. Well i Guess i get to add to the moaning and complaining. I have emailed you about a problem and have not recieved a solution. I cannot access my flixster account. When I try to log in all I get is a whirly wheel like it is trying to log in but does not do anything but that. I would appreciate a solution to the problem, I have alot of movies to upload and would like to be able to access them.

  2. love this company they are amazing. i purchased a few DVD’s and got my codes, when i uploaded it all worked… but then something when wrong, i get logged out automaticly and when i try to sign in. im not allowed too. i emailed and got a response really quick, and not we meet up every week and they send me a representative to

  3. I am very displeased with this company. I tried to purchase movie tickets and it advised me that the purchased failed and wasn’t available. I check my account the next day and the money have came out of my account. I am so upset. I called to try to get them to resolved the issues and credit me my money only to hear them say someone have to e-mail me .. No resolution over the phone. I always go through them but they have lost my business.

  4. I got help with a guy online. He really wasn’t much help at all. I agree with the earlier comments. Flixster and Ultraviolet need to be bought out and COMPLETELY revamped. Clear the slate and start over. Make it user friendly, which you guys are NOT. What a sham!!! What a crock of you know what!! The only reason i went with Ultraviolet is because if I wanted a digital copy of certain movies, Ultraviolet was the ONLY way to do so. Once I have the digital copy download, its fine. But logging in is a absolute joke. It is not user friendly. The stinkin website thought I was trying to Create a new account. I was just trying to log in. I tried to retrieve my password. I got a link thru my email to get my password. Never did get it. Tried numerous times to use the password redeem code, it never worked. Now, I am locked out “temporarily”. Yea, we’ll see how long temporary is. If my account is unlocked in the next 24 hours, I will be impressed. Somebody needs to write to the corporate giant that owns this crap site. Somebody needs to get a hold of the stockholders and shareholders of the company, and put a squeeze on the CEO and board of directors to make them change this website for the good, or sell it, and redo it. It’s a joke and a failure as it stands now. Time will tell, if you do nothing, your ship will sink. Get a full phone support group going. Talk to your customers. Save your company. A few bucks spent on customer support is worth thousands in the pocket.

  5. Flixter is one of the worse companies dealing with movies and or tv shows..not o ly can they not get itright..they wont even answer the phone to help you out..and when they do they Iimmediately hang up….I k ow ive called 4 times this morning with the same results. Terrible customer service. Vudu should drop you.

  6. the help center sucks its taking forever for them to get back to me im really starting to dislike this app and I had over 40+ movies on this site if they dont get back to me soon im tell the 174 friends to start useing vudu

  7. Worse company ever, worse site and worse customer service – one of the big tech websites needs to tackle this and make some headline splashes. Horrible, won’t waste my time ever again. I end up in an endless cycle of webpages asking me to login to my UV account, then asking to link the account, then back to a page that says the UV account is linked to a different account even though I unlinked it on the UV website prior to going to flixster – now can’t get into flixster at all as i end up in this endless cycle. Of course their customer service is less than helpful

  8. Evne a one is more than they deserve. Although I have experienced the same problems as other customers, I haven’t seen one like I’ve just experienced. I had three movies to redeem, first of all the digital copy icon to download the movie to my computer could not be found on any of the movies. I then tried to redeem the movies onto Ultraviolet who then tells you to pick vudu or flixster as your site. Since I already had Flixster movies prior, I tried to login to redeem these movies. At the login in prompt, I entered my user name and password, that I always use, and was told there was an error with them. After a few tries, I changed the password, tried to login and was take to the screen where you enter the redemption code, upon entering the code, it took me right back to the redemption screen again. I tried to enter the code and a message came up that multiple entries of the same code could not be processed. Could not get the techincal support screen to work, no phone number to call where there was service,

    I then decided to try my Ipad. Opened up the Flixster app, all the new movies were there. I could watch them on my Ipad.

    I tried my computer using the Ultraviolet link to Flixster and was able to login with the computer. All the movies were there, but I couldn’t play or download them on the computer. I got an error message that stated that the computer app may have issues with

    “licensing’and that they were working on a solution The problem I saw was that the date of that message was September 2012. They also said to not delete the app from the computer until a solution fix was complete on an upgrade of the app.

    Like I told them in a previous e-mail, EVERY movie I’ve redeemed through this asinine Ultrviolet/Flixster system has had a problem of one type or another.

    There are few options if you want digital copies anymore. Disney is the only studio I’ve found that doesn’t use this service.

  9. I stopped buying ultraviolet after the first piece of crap. I’ll stick to iTunes. Flixster sucks. There app sucks. There movies suck. They give you movies then refuse to let you play them. It’s a total scam! Stay away. Far away!

  10. How in the Hell can you just cancel an active account we only had 31 movies but still we paid for those movies and now its just a ripoff. Anyone else’s account been canceled with no notification or reasoning?

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