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Flixster, the #1 movie discovery application, now lets you stream movies and TV shows from the cloud with UltraViolet ? the new industry-backed format that will allow you to access movies and TV shows you own from any compatible service.

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50 Replies to “Flixster UltraViolet”

  1. Some how I locked my Ultraviolet account. I guess I tried the wrong password too many times. That was a month ago. I can’t not get anyone at Flixster or Ultraviolet to contact me and reset it. I have several digital copies I bought but that will expire if I can not get some help. I’ve tried calling the 415 number for Flixster and it IDs them but no one will answer and I can’t leave a message. Amazing how poor the service is and according to previous posts it seems you have to contact your local attorney general to get anywhere with these companies. If anyone has any other solutions please post them.


  2. Flixster has been down for for over a month when I try to redeem my codes. I get the same error message saying the there is techincial problem and we are working on resolving the issue.

  3. People. If you are unable to use your Ultraviolet / Flixster content, I highly recommend contacting your state’s attorney general. I did, and within a week, Ultraviolet unlocked my account and I am accessing it with no problem.

  4. ok i am trying my hardest to redeem my code and its not letting me link my ultraviolet and flixster accounts or verify my email. I’m getting really frustrated!! your project is a pain in my ass!! please someone help me!!

  5. I am in the process of filing a claim with the Minnesota attorney general against this company (these companies – Flixster and Ultraviolet). I am unable to access the digital content which I paid for. I have others that have expiration dates but because I cannot access my account, they are likely to expire before I can activate them. I have contacted a minimum of 4 times over 4 weeks with no responses (except an automated email response). Their customer service voicemail box is either outside of business hours or full when you call them. I believe there could be a class action lawsuit with all of the others I’m seeing complaining. Please write to your attorney general. Here is the address for this company:

    Flixster Corporate Office Headquarters


    208 Utah St., 4th Fl.

    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-255-7215

  6. Flixster & Ultraviolet SUCKS big time, don’t pay extra for a digital copy that doesn’t work, get Video Wizard for $19.95 and copy from movies you buy or rent online! May this company collapse soon! Long live Net-Flix!

  7. This company sucks! I have movies I can’t watch! My password works on flixter but not ultraviolet. I’m locked out and no one responds to my emails! UGH!!!!


  8. this company is BS they do not email you back or give you any help i have been contacting ultraviolet for a month now about 15 emails and no help I even contact flixster and nothing I own 17 movies on flixster and can not watch I even have new movies I have never gotten to watch this company is the worst itunes is very helpful the movie companies should not make us use this company we should have a choice I am very mad at all the money I spent and I can’t even watch the damn movies what a waste do not buy or use this company the only one out there that is any good is itunes when I go to buy my blu rays and the digital copy is for ultraviolet/flixster I will not be buying

  9. Ultraviolet is the absolute worst company when it comes to customer service. I have been trying to get login information for 6 weeks now with only 2 generic email response. I got a ticket number 2 weeks ago and then haven’t heard anything from them. Unbelievable how a company can treat their paying customers so poorly. They have to know how awful they are and refuse to put a phone number anywhere to be found.

  10. I’ve trying to reach Ultraviolet for 2 weeks just to ask about a password related question and to this point i have not heard from anyone and they don’t have any numbers. So there is no way to reach them.

  11. Hi i’m new to the Ultraviolet Digital copy downlad side of Flixster

    Once I when to your Web site on my Sprint Galaxy 2 Android cell phone

    Which has the highest Android version 2.3.6 I was told my cell didnt supporr the down load?

    So I went on line to se which Android version are supported to fine out Android phones with

    2.3 or higher are supported?

  12. I have several movies that are on iTunes that were digital copies is there anyway to down them onto

    Flickster? I also saw a list of which movies are available as ultra violet.

    I have 2 of them that we’re in the list thT came with digital down load but did not

    Let me down load as ultra violet/ flickster. The 2 movies were the latest Transfer movie dark side of the moon &

    The batman animated movie year one. What do I do to make it work on flickster?

  13. This is one of the worst systems ever!!! I bought a movie and now it keeps saying error when I try to redeem it. I already have 4 movies in my flixster account. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

  14. Ultraviolet and flixster need to coordinate themselves better! It shouldn’t be so difficult to link accounts and to find a missing password.

  15. I have been trying to have an ongoing problem viewing tv programs which I purchased–over 2 weeks of back and forth emails with UV and SOny–still no resolution. They will not even provide a phone number to actually speak with a person–saying they do not have one…for real??

  16. flixster IS THE WORST MOVIE ARCHIVING SYSTEM EVER CREATED AND IS THE BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO ONE AT flixster LOCATED ON UTAH ST, SAN FRANCISCO WILL ANSWER ANY CALLS AND THE NUMBER THEY PROVIDE 415-255-7215 GOES TO A RECORDING THAT IS LOOPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. I cannot do much on just the Ultraviolet site:

    I cannot change password, my email address is invalid…

    -it was good enough for them to send me spam

    -it was good when I logged in

    I cannot load the codes from any of my movies.

    -get error messages….

    -went back to try again, cannot get to the link to add movies again.

    I am not an idiot, I design sites for a living. This one escapes all logic

  18. I contacted customer support, first by putting a ticket in. After several hours and not hearing anything I contacted customer service via telephone # (877)-(658)-(5919). I paid to have movies downloaded to my computer that I had purchased just for downloading movies from Flisxter to take on travel. We had 47 movies downloaded, all is lost. Customer service told me the only fix was for me to pay them $200.00 to take out something that had corrupted my system. This computer is new and only used for these movies. I think it is plain this is a rip-off. I have contacted that customer supports that tried the same thing, this seems like extortion. I an not able to give less than 1 star or I would. ULTRA VIOLET and UNIVERSAL SUPPORT has been very helpful in the past, but this experience with FLISXTER has left a bad taste in my mouth!!!

    I do intend to find all the corporate addresses I am able and send them a letter, I am not happy I paid to download movies and now have lost all downloads.

  19. 27 films were lost from my UltraViolet account. I Have tried for days to resolve the issue with UltraViolet customer service with no luck.

    I get the ame useless suggestions and the problem isn’t fixed.

    It would be nice if they actually had a telephone number where you could talk to a real person.

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