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  1. i have a focusrite 2i4 but i cant record, ive downloaded everything for it and redownloaded but it says there is no audio for it and i dont know what to do

  2. So I’m reading everybody’s comments and I ordered two Bluetooth Headsets on Monday 4-6-15 and I’ve on gotten two notifications and it says it’s been shipped out I can’t track my order and I’m wondering now if it’s ever gonna even come?

  3. I ordered two headphones that was Feb 15th it is April 9th I got word it was shipped where is my stuff? If u guys wanna know the real I ordered 3 jerseys from always got my merchandise and ordered clothes for my wife the absolute best this company is a scam !!!!! Oh they are also from China

  4. i order 2 tablet with paypAL I C THE TRANS ACT ON MY ACCOUNT FOR PAY PAL BUT DONT C IT IN MY ACCOUNT WHEN IS IT YOUR NUMBER FAKE WHATS GOING ON,i paid 93.89 for 2 android tablets where my tablet cant track it get back as soon as possbile

  5. I hate i ever order anything from this company. There is no phone number to contact yall. I have not receive my order for two playstation 3 controller blue and pink order number fptzamaz4htl.where are my stuff

  6. I ordered many things for a total of $48 an change. It was taken out my account and never shipped! I payed extra for a 3-5 day shipping and it’s been 3 weeks. where’s my stuff ??

  7. focal price sold me a tablet online for 49 dollars that don’t hold charge and I want my money back or maybe change the tablet for a new working tablet call me at if I am needed.

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