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  1. I too just received a bill for $12 for a subscription that I did not request. When I called customer service I went through the “press three to cancel.” Then it said would I reconsider if they offered me two free magazines for the same price of $12. I either had to say yes or no. I said no three times and it said it did not understand what I said. Each time. Thank goodness it did say press two if I had said no. I don’t know what’s wrong with this company, but whoever is marketing it is doing a poor job .

  2. Please stop sending me this magazine.
    Til further notice .
    Cannot afford it right now .
    I’m cancelling it .
    For now .

    Kelley clayton

  3. I also receive an invoice for Food Network Magazine in the amount of $12.00. I did not order this magazine nor do I want it. I spoke with a C.S.R. name Jane, she told me my info will be removed from their website. (acct# 2271680288)

  4. We all agree, with similar stories, that we’ve been scammed with phony bills from Food Network Magazine. WHAT CAN WE DO?

    The continuous, unwarranted bills were driving me nuts!!

    The FINAL NOTICE worked and I wrote a check for $12.00. OK. I’m paid up. Now, how can I cancel? Don’t know how many ‘final notices’ I’d get before it went to a collection agency. Anyone have any experience with FINAL NOTICE?

  5. I wish to unsubscribe to your emails. There are way too many ads and some like amazon can’t keep popping up 2 seconds after you think you got rid of it. I don’t want any more from food network!

  6. Just received an invoice for $9.99. I did not order this magazine nor do I want it. If I receive another invoice I will contact the Attorney General’s Office in Florida and report your bad business policy.

  7. I just received a invoice saying to pay you 12.00 for subscribing to FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE. I made no such order! You better remove me from your records. discontinue this payment. #2036846513

    1. I also receive an invoice for Food Network Magazine in the amount of $12.00. I did not order this magazine nor do I want it. I spoke with a C.S.R. name Jane, she told me my info will be removed from their website. (acct# 2271680288).

  8. I just receive an invoice for Food Network Magazine in the amount of $12.00. Now I never buy magazines as I don’t read them unless sitting at the Doctors reception area. I don’t have time nor a huge interest. However, I do get requests via telephone – you know the usual and I try to b e very polite and say thanks but not interested. All I can “assume” is that one of your callers was tired of their job and put me in for a year’s magazine. SO COMMENT TO YOU, IS STOP THIS MAGAZINE, I DO NOT WANT IT, DID NOT ORDER IT, CEASE AND DISIST. PLEASED!

  9. Customer’s service needs improvement. Call was disconnected twice. Received a bill for a subscription I already paid for in February in full. Please look into this. My account number


  10. I did not order this magazine; nor do I owe $12 for another year. Please remove me from your list and stop sending the magazine please.

  11. I received an invoice for a year subscription that I never ordered. I called and opted out, #2, and was not able to talk person to person with a customer service representative. This is bogus. If I receive another invoice, I will go postal. It appears that if the automatic free magazine that they mail to you is AUTOMATICALLY put on a renew list with invoice months later. A SCAM TO GET MONEY! Poor way to do business!

    1. Almost exactly what happened to me as well! I never ordered the magazine but was looking at my bank statement and saw the charge for their magazine. I had ordered this magazine during a promotional “pop-up” that required me to START RECEIVING THIS MAGAZINE, I believe it was for $5.00, so at the time I did it. I don’t recall it saying that if I didn’t cancel after the first year it would automatically “renew”. That is such a shady way to do business. Not to mention that I don’t even like to cook, never once looked at their magazines that arrived at my home.

      I must have gotten lucky because the Customer Service Rep I spoke with said she would process a full refund to my account today, 3/12/18. I will wait and see if they keep their word, if not my bank told me that they would get involved after I got in touch with the Food Network and try to work it out – which I did. Now I’ll just wait for them to make good on their promise to credit my bank account. By the way, I had no problem whatsoever calling their Customer Service phone number. They answered the phone. I don’t know why others are getting a recording, unless they are only open certain hours, just an FYI.

  12. 3/22/17 I called 1-866-587-4653 Customer Service for Food Network. All automated voice commands were followed. Press 2 was entered to be removed from the renewal of subscription. Immediately the automated voice hung up the connection.

    I needed to have an option to speak with a non-automated voice. Last year I wrote on a renewal notice to cancel subscription and removal of name from the Continuous Service Program. Evidently the written correspondence did not work as an Account Invoice arrived today.

    I feel nothing will be done by posting this information as it does not allow Food Network to have contact information nor a contact number.

    Such a disappointment.

  13. These people are CROOKS, evidently. I get a bill , for a yrs subscription and I never heard of them……what’s going on? No phone number, to contact them either, and I am darned if I will pay postage, to mail them a nasty letter either……..I never ordered any subscription to their “Food Network” magazine either!

    What’s going on with these crooks.?? anybody know

  14. I have been getting Food Network Magazine for at least 3-4 yrs. Have always enjoyed it and pass some on to friends & retirement home near by. I received my renewal bill and the customer service agent helped me as I was going to have to discontinue because I’m now having to watch my budget ( recently divorced) she was able to get me a much lower price and I was able to keep getting this magazine . I really appreciated the assistance.

  15. Please let me know when my mailing label will be adjusted to read expires in 2019 and not 2018 as it reads now, I wrote to you in the past when I sent in a 2 year payment and you explained that the new expiration date is 2019. Thankyou

  16. I find both of your post so typical of black people. Why does she have to have black people on her show to prove she is not racist. Not every white person has to have black friends, or guests. That does not make them racist. I am so tired of the whining about equality and equal rights. Whites have rights too. We can also choose to be with who we want. I know a black family who lives in the projects in NYC do you think they have white friends over for mac and cheese and turkey wings? Does that make them racist. Their are plenty of shows for you. Watch Big Daddy’s House. Sounds like you are stuck in that cliche.

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  17. What a tricky way of having me subscribe to Food Network by telling me I signed up for ‘continuous renewal’. NO I DID NOT. First you send me urgent notifications that my subscription will expire, please renew now (all bogus). Then the next thing I receive is a statement with a note saying that when I subscribed to be billed later, I never sent the money in for it. Wat in the hell is wrong with your company. If I did give permission to automatically renew, I’d gave to say I was pretty stupid to do so. Well. Jus tbecause I am not stupid, when my magazine expires, I’m DONE with your magazine.

  18. I subscribed to your magazine in June and paid for a two year subscription. I am not receiving my magazines. I notice in the many postings here, several people are not receiving them. Are you still in business?

  19. The most recent “bacon” issue is the worst one ever.Isn’t everyone trying to REDUCE their fat intake? Don’t get me wrong. I love bacon as much as the next person. But come on; 90% of the issue on bacon! I glanced through it and it’s out to the trash faster than it was delivered. OH, yes, bring Paula Deene back too! Up until the bacon issue I always looked foreward to getting this mag. Bummer!

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