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  1. I received an invoice for a year subscription that I never ordered. I called and opted out, #2, and was not able to talk person to person with a customer service representative. This is bogus. If I receive another invoice, I will go postal. It appears that if the automatic free magazine that they mail to you is AUTOMATICALLY put on a renew list with invoice months later. A SCAM TO GET MONEY! Poor way to do business!

    1. Almost exactly what happened to me as well! I never ordered the magazine but was looking at my bank statement and saw the charge for their magazine. I had ordered this magazine during a promotional “pop-up” that required me to START RECEIVING THIS MAGAZINE, I believe it was for $5.00, so at the time I did it. I don’t recall it saying that if I didn’t cancel after the first year it would automatically “renew”. That is such a shady way to do business. Not to mention that I don’t even like to cook, never once looked at their magazines that arrived at my home.
      I must have gotten lucky because the Customer Service Rep I spoke with said she would process a full refund to my account today, 3/12/18. I will wait and see if they keep their word, if not my bank told me that they would get involved after I got in touch with the Food Network and try to work it out – which I did. Now I’ll just wait for them to make good on their promise to credit my bank account. By the way, I had no problem whatsoever calling their Customer Service phone number. They answered the phone. I don’t know why others are getting a recording, unless they are only open certain hours, just an FYI.

  2. 3/22/17 I called 1-866-587-4653 Customer Service for Food Network. All automated voice commands were followed. Press 2 was entered to be removed from the renewal of subscription. Immediately the automated voice hung up the connection.
    I needed to have an option to speak with a non-automated voice. Last year I wrote on a renewal notice to cancel subscription and removal of name from the Continuous Service Program. Evidently the written correspondence did not work as an Account Invoice arrived today.
    I feel nothing will be done by posting this information as it does not allow Food Network to have contact information nor a contact number.
    Such a disappointment.

  3. These people are CROOKS, evidently. I get a bill , for a yrs subscription and I never heard of them……what’s going on? No phone number, to contact them either, and I am darned if I will pay postage, to mail them a nasty letter either……..I never ordered any subscription to their “Food Network” magazine either!
    What’s going on with these crooks.?? anybody know

  4. I have been getting Food Network Magazine for at least 3-4 yrs. Have always enjoyed it and pass some on to friends & retirement home near by. I received my renewal bill and the customer service agent helped me as I was going to have to discontinue because I’m now having to watch my budget ( recently divorced) she was able to get me a much lower price and I was able to keep getting this magazine . I really appreciated the assistance.

  5. Please let me know when my mailing label will be adjusted to read expires in 2019 and not 2018 as it reads now, I wrote to you in the past when I sent in a 2 year payment and you explained that the new expiration date is 2019. Thankyou

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