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  1. Nice try….my subscription does NOT expire until November 2016. If you think for one minute that I am going to pay for this magazine that far in advance – THINK AGAIN. I do not remember choosing to be a part of your Continuous Service Program – what over paid CEO came up with this idea for HIS job security? Again nice try!!!

  2. Your reputation is 0 you deserve no stars. You are in the process of renewing your magazine which I do not want and will not pay for. I like the magazine but will not put up with your antics.

  3. I tried to cancell food network magazine twice but they kept bullying me by sending more magazines and bill . And now got a notice of automatic renewal . I don’t know how to cancell this magazine For Real Cancell . Online canceling is like hitting my head on the wall . I hate this magazine now and very disappointed their bullying cancell service .

  4. I renewed my subscription on 3/3/16 check #1935 in the amount of $14.97. It had an offer to renew my subscription and receive another free. I have received my magazine but my granddaughter has not. Why?????

    Her name is Alexa Eldridge, 90 N. Castlerock Ln, East Amherst, NY 14051

  5. Have sent four – count em – four letters politely asking for my subscription to Food Network Mag. to not be renewed. And so the magazine stopped coming but not the requests for $24.00 – very poor customer service. So for the fifth time I’m asking politely to be stop sending me requests for money as I no longer want your magazine. Thanks for listening – I hope.

  6. My subscription renews in March of 2016. However I checked my bank balance and $34 and change was deducted from my account when I checked this morning. I’m seeing offers of $7.99, $12,99 and now $18.00 to renew. Of course, can’t call to get a live person!

    Will contact my bank to dispute the charge.

  7. What is wrong with your company??? I keep getting subscription expiration communications, although renewed my subscription on 9/30/15 ck. # 4940, which cleared our bank on 10/7/15. And the logic you provide re: account # for on-line contacts is not valid. Finally – as the icing on the cake, I tried a recipe Frosted Twists – TWICE, from the Jan/Feb 2015 Food Network Magazine. Both times, the dough did not rise – at all! The second time, I even made sure to proof the yeast, before adding the hot milk. I am not a novice baker; I’ve been baking breads for at least 20 years. I have never had such disastrous results. Does your company bother to test recipes before publishing them? If so, please double check that recipe to see if there was a typo….because there sure is a problem with it!

    I am so disgusted with Food Network Magazine right now that I am seriously considering canceling my subscription. But that would mean you’d have to send me back money that you won’t even acknowledge you’ve received!!! Your company needs to get its act together FAST – or you will not be successful with retaining your subscription base.

  8. I couldn’t enter my credit card number on the website. It kept saying I needed to enter a valid card. No matter how many tries. Anyhow, called the customer service number and paid in a minute. They really need to work on their website.

  9. I have been attempting to get the magazine to correctly print my address for 3 months. I have a 2-year subscription and have received the Sept 2015 issue only. Since my magazine cannot be delivered without an apartment number, I have received only one issue. I got a notice that my address was incorrect and that I needed to place a new one on file. The street address is too long for the label so I need to put the apartment number on a second line even when I abbreviate part of the address. When the label prints it prints the apartment number but no street address. How can I get this corrected? I have been purchasing the magazines I was supposed to receive at the grocery store.

    Of course, it cannot be delivered and I can’t use the correct address as the label won’t pick up the apt #. If you cannot set up my address so that I can get the magazine, I would want a full refund on my 2-year subscription.

  10. Please dial 1866-587-4653 Listen to the message and follow instructions…they will remove you from continuous service this way. Have your FNM # ready and read it aloud.

  11. My name is Bonita ,. I have asked on several occasions for this subscription to stop. I write it on the form and I mail it back in, and it still comes. I can not afford the money to come out of my account. I am replying before 6/30/2016 to state that you do not renew a subscription without my permission. Thanks Bonita

  12. I have been on the phone waiting to cancel my subscription renewal. I received a postcard in the mail saying it would automatically be charged $29.95 to my account. I do not appreciate this and they do not make it easy to cancel. Very poor. They just answered, 20 is too long.

  13. I have been trying for 8 months now to have a duplicate subscription stopped. Getting nowhere. I’m about ready to cancel both subscriptions.

  14. Why am I getting bills form you? I paid for my subscription on March of 2015 which will not expire until March of 2017.

    Please advise!

  15. I think we gave this magazine to our daughter a few years ago. I got an email today saying she has not paid for it and now owes $34.97. She said she did not renew it, so it must have been on some kind of instant renewal. However, I’m the one who ordered it and I did not get a renewal offer. I hopefully cancelled the subscription, but we are not paying anymore on it.

  16. I received a notice along with an invoice claiming I ordered/subscribed to Food Network Magazine. When I attempted to call and notify you I never ordered anything, the customer service representative hung up on me!

    I will not pay you anything. Do not send me anymore fake invoices or magazines!

  17. I just spoke to Food Network mag. on the PHONE. They were very helpful and took care of all my issues with no problems. I am happy with their customer service.


  18. Do not, I repeat do not send any magazines to my home. I did not subscribe and I will not incur any cost to send them back. It looks as if there are many others that are dealing with the same issue pertaining your company. I tried to call your useless customer service number but got no response so let this serve as my denial of your magazine or any other subscription that you may have. DO NOT send anything to me . thank you and have a great day. If any of the other disgruntled persons on here want to send a letter acknowledging this post, please feel free.

  19. I love the magazine. I know many don’t – and that is ok. To each his/her own. I want to keep the magazine coming and have even signed my daughter up for a gift subscription. She is receiving hers as well. What I do not understand is that I keep getting a hard copy notice in the mail that my subscription will be cancelled for non-payment.

    We have paid, it is paid in full, has been paid in full, and have the bank information to prove it.

    What is the disconnect between online and your billing department? Can you please have someone look into this issue. This is an ongoing problem.

  20. I cannot get this gift subscription canceled!!! I do not want this magazine sent any more! Also I am getting allof thes other magazines that I didn’t order or even want . I refuse to pay for also. Please stop sending these things!!!

  21. I just called, told her I didn’t want to renew my 2 gift subscriptions and voila, taken off with no worrires.

    She told me if I got another bill, just to ignore as it probably crossed with my phone call today. Super easy

    and she was really nice.

  22. I keep getting a bill for Stacy Hopster-Filippi I DO NOT WISH TO PAY FOR HER SUBSCRIPTION ANY LONGER. Please do not send me any more past due bills..

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