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  1. Love the magazine but there is a problem.

    I received a notice that my renewal was due, received 2nd notice. It took over half an hour to find a phone number for the mag. I went on line to pay it. Found out didn’t own anything but that my subscription expired in 2015 but pay site said would expire in 2 months 2014….what a time I had..

    Will continue to get mag …wish you had not made a hasty decision concerning Paula Deen….please put her back on…

  2. Please inform your subscription department that my wife will not be renewing her subscription to the magazine. Her account number is FNM1xxx—A0205. I realize you need to sell magazines but to intimidate people in believing that you are processing a subscription that that has not been requested. for that the verbiage on the renewal statement is a little intimidating. Question: What continuous Service Program? Seriously even on this invoice it doesn’t make that statement. Yes, you have sent numerous reminders to renew but if you don’t get a response it seems quite likely after 3 reminders its not going to happen. Come on just remind the customer that the subscription will end on such and such a date. PR doesn’t seem to be the subscriptions departments strong point. No one in this day in age needs to get this type of invoice. It should have read: Last Reminder we hope you renew. We are stopping our subscription because my wife’s downloads the recipes she see on the shows. We definitely have GOOD EATS at our house. For me Thank You and we will continue to what the shows. Her Husband– Oh yes, please let me know you got this.

  3. I really enjoy your magazine & plan to continue my subscription but I must say I find your billing notice to be extremely offensive! How can my voluntary subscription bill be “unpaid and now past due”? Especially when the subscription doesn’t run out until 8/2014 and it is only now 1/2014?! I also didn’t really care for the threat of discontinuing my subscription if I did not pay immediately. I believe you would get better response and maybe a referral or two (at least from me) if you didn’t treat me like I OWE YOU something when really, we all know that without subscribers, you would be out of business!

  4. I sent you a check on Dec. 3, 2013 to renew a gift subscription to a friend I have sent the magazine to for several years. As of today she has not received her Jan/Feb, 2014 issue but you have cashed my check. I do not want her to miss an issue so what do I need to do?

  5. I ordered the food Network magazine for my daughter who lives elsewhere and she only received 2 issues before I was hounded by bills!! I paid for it and it even shows I did on my account on your website, showing a ZERO (that is $0.00) balance. And my daughter has still not received anymore issues! Now I am receiving threatening letters stating you will WHAT??? place my account in YOUR bad credit file?! What the hell FN! I should place YOU in MY Bad Business File. GIVE (all of us) YOUR NUMBER WHERE CASES LIKE THIS CAN BE HANDLED BY CUSTOMER SERVICE, otherwise STOP hounding me! I am going to report you to the BBB if I receive ONE more letter! C.Little

  6. Carli…you sound very ignorant….no derogatory or RACIST name is EVER acceptable under any circumstances…and im White—perhaps you should Educate yourself


  7. RE Jan-Feb 2014 magazine..Meat-Ball Tortallini Soup This is excellent but doesn’t there need to be some breadcrumbs in the meatball mix? without the mix is too moist to hold together. I added some and it worked fine and the flavor is excellent

  8. I watched her show and learned… I mean Paula… She offered a delightful show.

    I would not purchase or gift this mag— as others have said: No PAULA NO SUBSCRIPTION!

    ….and you sent a credit adjustment when I NEVER ordered one. Amazing

    Maria (Toronto, CANADA)

  9. Food Network Magazine- Your treatment of Paula Dean really turned me off.Since I have not responded to your renewal notices since you started sending them in Aug.You let my subscription lapse last year, so it appears I didnt agree to automatic renewals and now you have moved me to your credit & collections dept. What part of ignoring you do you not understand? I no longer want your magazine,nor do I wish to receive any more notices from you.

  10. My wife has been receiving your magazine for a while now and it was NEVER ORDERED! Please stop sending it as it is not wanted. Information off the mailing label:

    #BXNVJCN888888888AUTO88SCL 5-DIGET 32216

    #FNM0440462463/7# FNM APRIL 14


    12788 SUN DANCE LN

    JACKSONVILLE FL 32246-4165

    FNM 0440462463 VCD13R303



  11. I will not be renewing my food network magazine or giving any as gifts this year, due to the horrible way that you treated Paula Deen. Shame on you guys! I will be purchasing Paula Deen items & renewing my Cooking with Paula magazine directly with Paula’s website. I used to watch you network daily, but not any more!! Make it right & bring back Paula!!

  12. This comment is for Dr. Theresa…you are correct when you say that giada is a racist. First and foremost..she cooks such a small portion of garbage. The food sucks so badly. Every episode she has her flat A Cup breasts hanging out as though she’s trying to entice someone. Her head is big and she has the body of an 8 year old boy. There is nothing attractive about this Italian wanna be at times, jerk.

    I’ve never seen a black person on her show either…she racist and so is the Food Network.

  13. Your removal of Paula Deen from your network & magazine was a shameful act. It’s ridiculous. Did somebody have it in for her? Seems like she “got thrown under the bus”. She’s worked so hard all her life to finally have made it to the top. She’s lost endorsements and much more. Can anybody out there honestly say that they have Never said that word? Or what about the degrading names of every race and nationality that people use? I’ve cancelled my gift subscriptions that I have given for several years. Food Network, bad bad decision. What were you thinking?

  14. just got the issue for Oct and the article on midwest runzas was a joke. I have been making cabbage burgers for over 50 yrs. from and original german reciept and she started by changing thing to suit herself. If it’s suppose to be a real runza or cabbage burger it should be given the original way then if the reader wants to change it ok. Everything, even the bread was way off. I am from Scottsbluff Ne. It don’t get more german than that another german product here is garlic sausage. Wonder what a mess she could make of that

  15. I too am cancelling my subscription and also the gift subscriptions I have been giving for several years. Not because of the whole Paula Dean issue, though I do think you acted to hastily in making that decision(and it was a bad decision-I haven’t watched your network since). I do not appreciate being double billed and also being sent bills 6 months in advance of renewal date then getting repeated “will cancel” notices 4 months before subscriptions even are close to expiring. I don’t need your magazine that bad.

  16. I am canceling my subscription for my Magazine. I can get this free online thur my library and see no since in paying for this to come to my house.


  17. I am NOT writing to cancel my subscription. I am in total agreement with the choice that The Food Network made to terminate Paula Deen. That word shouldn’t be used in manner. She was so wrong and admittedd to using it more than once…”Yes of Course I’ve said the N- word”…It was like, yeah so what I said it. There have been so many times that so many people of all races have said that word and not caring because it was allowed. Shame on YOU PEOPLE for thinking that this is ok. It’s not. I have purchased just about every piece of Paula Deen cookware, cutlery, cookware, books, etc. and now I have removed all of her products from my home. I will continue to watch the Food Network and read my magazine from cover to cover. Good for you Food Network, for not tolerating such poor behavior just because she was a star and Good Money maker. This shows that your corporation put Integrity before profit.!!!!! And, I don’t agree with the comments from another viewer Nancy…I feel that Paula Deen needs to apologize to “US” the people who helped make her famous, rich and such an Icon. Apologize …Paula Deen…. for your ignorance and Nancy, I apologize to the public for yours………….

  18. First I am dissapointed that you send me an e-mail and an invoice via USPS telling me the amount due, my renewal is NOT until December. I replied to the e-mail stating it would NOT be renewed). Then a week later you send another invoice stating you went ahead and renewed for me.

    This comes after I had sent an e-mail stating I would NOT be renewing due to the way you treated Paula Deen. Cancelling her shows, removing her from all your magazines, really?

    I have talked to all of my recipients that receive your magazine from me as a gift and it was decided to go another route for another gift choice.

    Perhaps you should think of the negatives that will impact you as a company before swinging your gavel and judging folks and assuming folks will automatically want to renew (even after you were told otherwise) their subscription. How dare you treat someone or anyone for that matter, with such disrespect without all the facts.

    Please DO NOT automatically renew my subscription as it will not be enjoyed by an of my recipients and by the sounds of it, many others who have voiced their opinions on here as well.



  19. I am white, and I am not cancelling!! I am very offended and I think they did the right thing!! I love this magazine still and Paula did NOT make the magazine.

  20. I cancelled my subscription last month and still received a bill for payment. The reason for ending the magazine is because you dropped Paula Deen from your programming. I am disturbed that in this day and age that anybody should hold a remark that happened more then 30 years ago. Now people are coming out of the woodwork trying to making more accusations that can’t be substantiated. I will always support Paula.

  21. I, too, have cancelled my subscription and my viewing has ceased with Food Network. I have given gifts of the magazine to people, which will, of course, also stop. Also, I bet a lot of people don’t know that the woman who made the accusations has now said she was lying. Also, for all the “African americans” who aren’t even from Africa, how about when you guys call us white folks names like “Crackers, honkies, etc”. That’s ok?? Get over yourselves. We all have. Food Network, I am so disappointed and disgusted with you. I, too, am done.

  22. I will not be renewing my subscription or the subscription of Steve McKedy or Kelly McKedy because of what Food Network did to Paula Dean. That was wrong.Please remove my name from your mailing list.

  23. I’m sure everyone on the Food Network went to see Django because it was praised by Hollywood for months before it was released. The n word was used dozens of times in the first fifteen minutes. No one threw Quenton Tarrantino under the bus like you did Paula.

    This, for someone who helped make The Food Network!

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