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Food Stamps Florida FL Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Florida Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. This is not the government web site for benefits. It is nothing they can do for you guys here. If you can’t get in touch with anyone from the hotline go to your local department of children and families and they will see you in person. You guys have full names and case numbers up here thats all a theif needs to enter your accounts.

  2. Hello my case since 1/17 and now it’s march 10 and my account still says pending for my food stamps this time and I’ve turned everything in 40days ago and I haven’t recieved anything I the mail this time at all which is weird. Tha count even says next review isn’t due till august 31st so it’s approved and my daughter that’s 14mo has aml a form of leukemia and a genetic disorder and is on a strict expensive diet and need those food stamps ASAP expedited help please Brittany rasch :212614261 I need to know why and I’ve tried over n over to call and it’s always busy to find out.

    Please contact me back ASAP!

    God bless

    Brittany rasch

  3. my name is lucius, i”ve been waiting a year now. i’ve called a number of times. same story ” its in the mail”. finnaly i thought it was all taken care on feb 23, but now 14 days later still no card. i was told to allow 7 to 10 days. its now 14 days. i called access no help, gave me a run around. the other numbers cant get threw to talk to a real person. somebody needs to do something. im bout to the point where im going to make a public uproar. i will go to media first then work my way to the top. this not fair. people need help. if anybody that reads this is with me e mail me.

  4. I’ve been waiting on my foodstamps for two week…my case worker frank sucks…told me as soon as he got my pastestub hell go ahead and activate it…been calling n calling yet to have food..he said he never got my paystub..I faxed it…it went thur..he said hell check it takes a couple day…what?!it doesn’t take a couple day.its a dam fax n he say well dax it again…omg…this is a mess.

  5. this is the most stupitiest thing i realized in my life what in the hell is going on with the foodstamp system. they know we need them so they are telling us to kiss thier butts that is why we wait so long to get anything done with them. I wish that you guys would see this i am so sad and angry

  6. Last month (January) I was approved for Florida Food stamps expedited program because I was in need of food. My approval was on the 18th and I was given $93 for January and $200 per month after that. I asked the woman on the phone when I should expect my card and she said it was in the mail and should take 7-10 days to receive it. I waited a week and a half and had still not received the card. At this point I called the “lost or stolen” card number which turned out to be JP Morgan bank. The woman stated that the card was not mailed because they say that I had food stamps 10 years ago and they don’t just send replacement cards. I asked for a new card to be mailed and verified all of my contact and mailing information with the woman. After waiting another week and a half, I had STILL not received the card for my food stamp benefits. I called the number at JP Morgan bank again and the woman verified the card was sent, but it was sent to the wrong address a few hundred miles from me!!! I once again went over all of my information and she said that she was sending out another card for me. I finally just received the card yesterday, February 13th almost a month after I was told the card was originally sent. Some expedited program they have and what poor communication on their part. I am happy to finally have the card, but they really need to get their stuff together. There are people homeless and starving out there and the Florida EBT people should really be more on top of things and also be easier to be reached. It takes 10+ calls just to get through to these people!

  7. I haven’t received my SNAP benefits in 2 months now! It’s impossible to get out of the automated systems and speak to a live person on the BENEFITS side!!!

  8. hello my name is jessica mango and i didn’t get my food stamps tody and i am trying to find out what is going on my mother inlaw just got out the hospital and i don’t have any on my food stamp card to get any thing to eat. i really need some help please.

    thank you

    p.s. Jessica Mango

  9. I’m a single mother and they just keep lowing my amount I’m a mother just trying to put a roof over my daughters head and gess that’s not good enuff I struggle all the time and they think its OK to just keep taking from her there a OK and you never can get a hold of someone you would think they would have a crap loud of pep there to answer phone they need to get there crap together

  10. I just went through the same thing that all of you did, but luckily I couldnt stop there. I AM DETERMINED TO EAT. lol. (not really that funny though) I was able to get ahold of a live person and was only on hold for about 5 minutes!!!! (CRAZY, huh) CALL THIS NUMBER PERTAINING TO FOOD STAMPS ONLY –


    Customer Service


    Hopes this helps you all with this ridiculous system that goes out of their way to NOT HELP ANYBODY.

  11. I just want a job i’m glad they make this so hard.I think that 1/2 the people on food-stamps,”Can get jobs”,I hope they do not give me any.Going hungry is a great motivational tool…..!!!!!

  12. My application has been “processing” for a month now … with 3 minors in the home (one being a newborn), I am frustrated to say the least! Our medicaid is not active either and this is not the first time. I was temporarily cut off of medicaid while 3 months pregnant and was not able to get any prenatal care until I was almost 8 months because of it. My husband works 50 hours a week and we still just make ends meet while I’m a stay at home mom because of lack of employment opportunities. These people really need to figure something out … I’ve never had these kind of problems while living in New York!


  14. I live in Belle Isle in Southeast Orlando. It has become greatly populated by relocatees from Puerto Rico. I don’t mind though I am Italian. I like the Hispanics but they are entitled to quite a bit if born in PR automatically with not many questions asked. The employees at the call center for DCF here are mostly black females who cut you off and talk over you rudely. There is strenuous competition for benefits between ethnic groups like never before with cutbacks being made by Gov.Rick Scott. I got out of a mental institution a couple months back and was eventually given my medicaid HMO card for my prescriptions… for an enlarged heart and lithium etc. After only five weeks with my 10,000.00 annual SSDI income ___ DCF wants to kick me off help and put me on 675.00 spend down every month when I know I am financially eligible because Agency for Healthcare Administration told me so. They are pushing poor people who make one dollar more on ssdi than they do on ssdi (who paid payroll deductions) onto a ‘medially needy status with rediculous deductables.These ladies are biased and think they are GOD doling out the goods. If you stand up to them, the call center people try to give you another problem instead. This happened to me four times. I finally called Tallahassee and they had to refund to my EBT card twice. Why such hostile attitudes. I never had children. Never had expensive medical surgery….yet, and never had cash or rental assistance now or in the past ever. I am almost 60 and have been in and out of the heart clinic. I paid 390.00 per month on my Cobra Insurance until I was flat broke. I will die without my heart medications and have NO assets and 100 dollars in the bank and a salvaged car and live in a 300 sq foot garage apartment. Who can I get to help represent me against the abuse from the sadistic types who are steaming mad that the benefits bowl is about to break…I am just freshly new to the medical help and never have dealt with such people who want to punish you for making them answer the phone.

  15. “Due to high call volume all of our agents are currently busy. Please try your call at a later time.” I’ve called 12 times today and a bunch of times prior. I do not understand, sometimes I get to the main menu, think I am finally getting through and as it goes to transfer me, I get the message again. This is extremely frustrating. Is there a trick to getting through?

  16. 01-04-2012

    Food for thought- Why is it so difficult to get through to anyone any more with these advance automated systems that are suppose to benefit both sides to any parties to speed up the process by eliminating the human factor of time management and allowing simple computers to F**k it up even better!..How come when one ask a simple question pertaining to there own personal life situation that when you do get through to an actual “live,” but not real person they may have a smart A** comment or cut you short, interrupt when you are trying to speak or better yet simply have the luxury of not giving a damn, because we sometimes forget the pass of judgement may come around and hit them in the a**, but for that moment that particular time you are facing and really never imagine the way of life your in and actually are trying to better yourself in every way, and on that fine line that very edge, that thelma and louise thought of adventure to say the hell with it, you turn for help and it becomes to be more of a struggle not within the process of applying for any aiding outlet of relief, but it is the people that represent, work for, and are hired and paid by you at one point in time before that moment of uncertainty crisis you turn for help and you get that absolute a-hole on the line which are MANY within any major corporations, and or aiding organizations that there a front like many people in this country!.. I don’t get it!.. behind a desk, in a cubicle, suit & tie or a dress, even Ellens’, Trumps’, and Oprahs’ we are all the same!!! there is no need at any time live, on the phone, and in person that we need not to be short fused, pompus, simply rude, or JUDGEmental when you are not only processing someones personal predicament or complications that they are facing in life at that moment that you forget it could happen to you! So, like many I hope we can all kindly remind or share with others to get it through to the ones that forget to please listen to me hear my story, don’t feel sorry for me but be that validating ear sometimes rather than make someone on the end of the line to life that there is still good things to come and hope like many may fade over time, and what we as Americans are facing with assisting our OWN!..That We have never fallen, that we still stand, because like George Micheal and as several other artists’ there is a song for everything to life- “Because You Got To Faith.” “I hope you Dance”- Leann Womack this song in particular is dear to my heart because it was my Nonny’s last song within departing from this world. “I Can Only Imagine” – multiple artists but mine in particular would be Wyonna Judd. May God Bless Everyone that seeks true help and the people that truely help them!

  17. florida’s food stamp program is a joke!!!!!! my husband and i are both disabled, my husband is 65 and we still cant get food stamps…. so we have to decide every month do we eat this week or buy insulin, at 30 a bottle…plus alot of other meds… the social security web site says we should get food stamps but florida says we make too much money… but dont ask any questions such as how much do you spend on meds and doctors each month.

  18. I mailed a complaint to Florida Department of Children and Families ( After Rick Scott appointed him nearly a year ago he slashed 500 jobs – no wonder people can’t work efficientey. My reapplication was completely ignored and faxes I sent were never received. When I told them I have the fax report the call center said it didn’t matter if I can prove it – the DCF doesn’t have it. Period. The same happened with a letter send via USPS. They never received it. Now, three months later, they finally have all the information as “processed” in their system and — tata — nothing. It might take another 30 days.

    Here some quick TIPS for other Food Stamp applicants:


    To call, keep dialing the number 1.866.762.2237. Keep trying – I usually get through within the first hour. Once the first greeting in Spanish and kreyole (?) is done, wait for the next message and hit 2, next menu hit 2, next menu hit 1 and wait till they talk about the ebt card. You will then be transferred to the call center. Usually it is busy and asks you to call later – keep trying! Remember though, they are just a call center and can only email the DCF – usually bugging them does not help at all.


    If you ever fax any information, PUT THE CASE NUMBER on every single thing. Otherwise your information will be thrown in the trash and you might not even bother sending it.


    Even if you use certified mail, they still might say their department doesn’t get it.


    Get an online account as soon as possible and upload your information there. What ever you submit, check if it was received online.


    If you are ever lucky enough to get an email address from your case worker, hold on to it!!! Send all the information there, as well.

    RE-CERTIFICATION: if your pay period ended it does not mean you got denied. Never assume you get denied because you didn’t hear back from them. If you got denied you will be notified and given a reason.


    Need to be consecutive. If you leave one out and they can see the year to date, don’t assume they can calculate the one paycheck in between. They cannot. Put the CASE NUMBER on it! Social Security number is not enough.

  19. Not everyone makes a whole lot of money. I am a full time student going for nursing and can’t afford to work a full time job plus pay daycare cost for four kids. My husband makes 50000 a year but with the way life is crap is expensive. We get minimal foodstamps but if u think for one second I enjoy government assistance you can kiss my ass. I don’t like it but I need it. And guess what I have been on it for many years. And just bc I have four kids don’t u dare say I don’t deserve it and should be more responsible and wouldn’t need the assistance. Just because i don’t make tons of money doesn’t mean I do not deserve kids.just because ppl have to have assistance for many years it doesn’t mean things need to be harder. You’re an idiot for even saying crap like that. What r u doing on here if u wanna talk about ur thankful it’s hard. ƒ you.

  20. This isboutrageous. It’s like they want to makebpeiple angry. I just put a hole through my wall over howbangry this non existent program is. I just need some food!!!

  21. Ive been trying to do my review sence 3/30/14 way before my foodstamp cut off date which was 4/15-30/14 at the lateest I called the my fl.acess line 100 x they kept telling me the reveiw button was on the acess fl. Site finally I got someone to check themselfs and surprise all that was there was apply for benifits it took til the middle of the month to get a live persron to tell me what a figured , so I began to fill out another app. And I couldnt be more upset I filled that sucker out over and over and it kept bringing back to beginning, now my food stamps are canceled and im in jeopardy of losing medicaid I have a nine year old son that cant go without inc. He and I are homeless meaning we’ve been staying with a friend but here recently I was asked to move out because we are responsible for our own meals and my sons dad buys all our nonfood items and clothes for our son he also gets him almost everyday after schooland brings him home at night.

  22. I lost my job due to serious back pain issues. My husband had to stop working because of traumatic brain injury. Am trying to get food stamps and medical care as my husband is a diabetic and should not just live on peanut butter and bread. He also is running out of insulin. I tried to call and most of the time I can’t get into the call queue and if I do get an answer I beg them to please process this (has been almost 30 days) due to my husband’s condition.

    To add insult to injury on the news they said that refugees being sent to Florida are getting immediate food stamps and a ride to go spend them. This kills me. We are in our fifties and I worked all my life and we have to go to the back of the line as the illegal refugees get it all I am not racist against hispanics (my husband is Dominican) but his dad worked hard in America (came legally) and so did my father and so did we. work hard and we can’t get help and they can. I checked and made sure we filled out everything and when I explain my husband’s diabetic issues, I was told to take him to the emergency room if you think he is going into diabetic coma. Really????

  23. I applied on line and received an accepted message. Later I was called and told it did not go thru and my stamps were canceled. I was told to start over and apply as if I had never had stamps. Since I already have an account with food stamp card number, password etc, isn’t there some way to just reactivate same?

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