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Food Stamps Florida FL Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Florida Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. I still have not yet recived my food stamps and i have tried to call several times and im not getting threw plz help!! or send my info on as why im not reciveing them!?

  2. 8/23/12

    I applied online about July 2 2012 and have heard nothing. No confirmation number after a completed successfully screen popped up.

  3. Why this is happening, i was supposed to receive my food stamp on the 10 and nothing happen. When i call the number, the machine just says pending. Nobody pick up the phone. I need my food stamp please.

  4. I ordered a new ebt card and I was told I would have it in 5-7 business days and I still have not gotten a new card and it has ben almost a month since I ordered a new one. I’m hungry but I don’t have a card to buy food.

  5. I received money on my card last month but this month I found nothing on it,so im hungry I cant even feed my me please

  6. I know what all yall mean this is bull sh*t i have a 5 year old a one year old and a newborn that needs formula i should have gotten my food stamps the 11th i have NO food and it sucks.

  7. I am suppose to recieve my benefits th 14th of each month and I dont understand why now my benefits are not on my card. The previous month I had to send in so many papers, its like they dont want to give you the benefits because they almost make it impossible to gather every piece of income you get, they even want to know who watches your kids while you work and how much you pay them, its so annoying. I had no problem getting my benefits on the date, now this month their is nothing, just “pending” every time I log onto my account.

  8. I am very upset. I resubmitted my application for review and turned in all of the necessary documents by the due date and still no benefits. I have 5 kids, my income has decreased, and now I’m stuck without food to provide for my family

    . If you don’t turn in your paperwork in time they have no problem closing your case with the quickness, but if you do as they ask in a timely manner they prolong processing your case. I’ve been calling the my benefits hotline number from open to close for the last week and have not been able to speak with a live representatives yet. This is very aggravated and frustrated.

  9. I now know why people steal, we pay and pay our taxesand when we need a litttle help for 2 months or so to get over a hump they (govt) dissapear.I have been calling for 5 days no answer they keep saying no one available goodbye. People need to do something, because our govt wont

  10. I have had the same situation like Hilary just posted with them & I am a single mother that just moved to the area, need the medical asistance to finish signing my child to elementary school & I have try EVERYTHING to get on hold of their office & there is just No way you can access anyone, my case has being pending for weeks, do not know why still!

    I can NOT believe that a county that is so well spoken of it, have such a lack of assistance for the people in need at the time in need! Very discouraging!!!!

  11. I dont know how many times I’ve called and haven’t gotten through, this is ridiculous, they sent me a notice in the mail saying I needed to re-apply, when I already had food stamps, so I did and now everything is “processing” and I sent in the papers, and now they need more. This all has been a big help for my family, but also a big headache because of all this confusion. I have no food, and nobody can answer the phones. Worst nightmare of my life. I didnt even have to “re-apply”. So infuriated at their lousey services.

  12. I am approved for food assistance until my review @ the end of November. The state made a mistake and issued me a credit & gave me Junes benefits @ the end of May. My benefits are to be deposited the 14th of every month and I have not received anything since the deposit on May 30th. When I went to the local Access building on the 18th I was told the deposit wasnt made because I needed the new access card (which I was never notified about NEEDING to get.)So I reported mine damaged to get the new card which I got in the mail yesterday. Called to check the balance on there today (11 days PAST my deposit date) and there is still NO money on the card. I have tried numerous times to call the so called “Customer Service” line just to have the automated system hang up on me cause all the representatives are “busy”. If the screw up every one elses account like this no wonder why the reps are “busy” from the min the clock stikes 8am to the time the close at 5pm.

  13. I would like to reapply for my food stamps. For some reason they were discontinued. How do I go about doing that?

  14. I applied for food stamps in may 12 2012, it is now july13th and still nothing. I have been calling the 866-762-2237 number for last 6days 5-6 times a day and cannot get through to a human and still no amswers, online it just says they still need verifications of things I have already sent them. Now it says online I have to re-apply. What the hell is going on with Florida gov’t????!!!!!

  15. This is Ridiculous!!!!!!!! How is it that no matter when or what time u call, or how many times a person calls no one is available? I can respect the fact that they are busy, but this is getting stupid. I can never talk to a person……. Getting frustrated with all of this….. People need to talk to people to get things straightened out….. I need some help and I needed it 2 weeks ago…

  16. 6/2012 I keep hearing that food stamp program is not dependant on income but need however I’m 61 yrs old on SSDI and have diabeties but I only get 16.00 per month food stamp allowence do you know how far this goes since I can only use on unprepared food? This is a joke I see why some people trade these things they aren’t worth s**t.

  17. Shanika gruse,is horrible inept.i have never met an exponentially difficult person to deal with….ARE YOU PISSED OFF LIKE I AM???!!!


    Wen you call the citizens helpline number ey will ask you for your name and last 4 of s.s.then they will gurantee someone from food assistance calls you back within same day.make sure to have pen and paper and write down all names of people you speak with for tracibility.

    They always say..oh well then who dis you talk to?? You can say ok ya wanna play that game? Sure I spoke with (so and so) at 3pm thursday and was told to do this and my food stamps would be activated for my $200 on my card so why isnt it done?

    They dont help call friggin governors office back.remember when we worked hard andpaid our taxes?? Well this isnt free,we earned this crap,your not a free loader if you have paid taxes before.


  18. Modern technology, fantastic new fast,smart,phones….But the food stamp office has a phone system from the 60’s. I’ve called,called,called,called, & called a few hundred times more than that.Automated crap,again and again.Im 47 been out of work over 8 months, nothing left in my small savings.Now no food,or rent money.Lets not even talk about gas money. I wonder if Obama’s family is eating good,or if there phones are so backwoods they can only receive one line.The food stamp office doesn’t even have a hold,just a busy signal and a hang up on your call.(Just another slap to the face of americans)… Who the heck is collecting all those paychecks to do those jobs in that office.P.S. I’m writing this ,knowing it won’t mean crap, or amount to anything….WHAT A JOKE,ON US!!!!!!!!!!The goverment should be out of debt quick,all automated, paychecks no longer needed,Americans ditched,no longer needed either… LOL

  19. i was on unemployment till gov scott cut me off so i tied to apply for food stamps think i applied correctly but was not sure i have tried for a week to get through to a real person to see if i was approved or what my status is recording keeps asking for my social# OR MY CASE#I HAVE NO CASE # AND IT SAYS MY SOCIAL IS NOT FILE WHAT DO I DO

  20. I called the customer service number in Florida. They said my food stamp application is pending. I have no food in the house. I cannot speak to a real person since the line is

    always busy. Tom Urbaszewski

  21. I’ve been calling for weeks because for some reason my foodstamp card has not had the funds it was suppose to have on it & no one ever picks up. After you go through the whole prompt it just says ‘no one is available to take your call right now, goodbye’. I dont even get put on hold!

  22. Many local churches and the Salvation Army have immediate food assistance program. Call ahead to determine what time they’re open. The documentation they need is minimal. You receive food immediately after qualifying. Some churches also have a prescription assistance programs. I’ve had Type I diabetes all of my life. My local Catholic church in Vero Beach, FL helped me obtain a needed glucometer. My local health department in Gifford, FL has a children and families office there. They have a rent, electric, food and (if you ask), they’ll give you a $100.00 voucher for for a prescriptions. You have to use all of the $100.00 at one time or lose the remainder. In my area, St Vincent dePaul thrist store has an assistance program offering a small denomination Publix gift card, a gas card, and a free complete clothing outfit per family member. This is if you qualify for their program. If you’re on food stamps, you probably do. You can also call your local mental health agencies. One of them assisted me with rent. I haven’t received assistance through these programs for over 1 year. As you know, things change over time. Contact the churches and social services agencies in your area. Also, you can call 211 from anywhere in the country for social services assistance (food, rent, electric, counseling, etc.). 211 will refer you to agencies who may be able to help you. I have 6 years of college but can’t find a job. I’ve been very poor despite being well educated. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers offer prescription assistance programs.

    You can also check with your local health department about being seen by a doctor there. They use a “sliding scale” system to determine if you qualify for discounted or free medical treatment. They also have an Indigent Patient Drug (IDP) program here. I qualify for free insulin. Try these suggestions. Good Luck!!!!

  23. system shows that im elegible for 200.00 for the month of april,in food assistance but on the card balance its 0 what i can do to get the assistsance money on the card.

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