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Food Stamps Florida FL Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Florida Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. the florida food stamps program and all the service it assosiates with are a complete waste of time and honest tax payers dollars i have for three months all day on the phone have tried to get a represenitive to give me some kind of info on simple task that there reqierd to handle but in return your service just blows me off since then i have had to go with out any assistance or food for almost three months and just recently became homeless the shelters were im from are a joke u must be on druds i asume to go there thank you you worthless bunch of crap i hope you all sleep good as the rest of the ones who have to suffer struggle to survive i dont understand but ok guess there christmas bonuse more important than commen person what a craping joke karmas a whoopla yall

  2. I am needing a letter stating that I know longer received benefits from Florida due

    to I have moved out of town. And its makes no sense that you cant never speak to anyone but you want updated information. If someone could male me a form or fax the form saying my last depost was November 7, 2013 at the address listed below.


  3. This is the most disgusting program to ever exist. $15.00 a month for food. When I go to the store the cashiers hug me. I have lost 20 lb and was very thin to begin with. this program as others should be abolished and something has to be done. What a joke and a slap in the face. When you get your letter and see the amount you get you just start to cry and this is why you can’t get anyone on the phone. they do not not do they know how to handle this. President Obama needs to be impeached and we need to start all over again. I might pass away at 62 because I am alone and hungry. I do work but it is only enough to pay some bills. As you get older noone wants you or wants to hire you. I am so lost and depressed. Please help. Beth

  4. I live on social security disability. what I make ($1200 a monrh) barely covers the bills. I have exactly $12 left over for food for a month for my daughter and myself. If I babysit or try to go back to work at any job I can find they cut my food stamps completely off. My daughter is ADHD and has severe emotional problems. When she turned 18 I lost her child support, her SSDI dependent child money from SSDI and then they cut our food stamps by $200 a month.

    I have choices to make. I can eat every other day or so, just to make sure she has a hot meal, or I can not pay a bill this month so that I can buy food for both of us, or I can become one of those people that you see standing on the street with a sign asking for money.

    I have no one to help support us. No friends, no family. So Christina, can you tell me what I should do about my situation to be off food stamps? My daughter may be getting a part time job. But with the income she will make they will completely cut us out of food stamps. She will only make minimum wage, and it will help, but according to Florida rules we have to report any income. Her <20 hour a week job will knock us out of any assistance. Her pay will all have to go for food, and we will continue to struggle to Pay utilities and house payments and insurance and car payments and still be able to buy the medication that costs me almost $200 a month for the two of us after insurance.

    If anyone thinks I like being on food stamps they are dead wrong. If I could work, I would. I worked for 40 years, then I got sick and can't do much of anything. So if you are volunteering to bring me some food or pay a couple of bills, don't criticize everyone on food stamps. Some of us need them just to survive from day to day.

  5. I recently went on section 8 after waiting years and nearly being out on the street, was not told that we would lose any benefits. I recently lost almost all my food stamps after going on Section 8. doesn’t make any sense, I am not making any more on disability than I was before, am just receiving help with my rent so I can survive, now food stamps says that my housing cost has gone down so they will deduct almost all my food stamps, what more can they do to disabled senior citizens? Guess we should just do as the Republicans want us to do and lay down and die.

  6. you are as ignorant as they come…and apparently a racist…im a white female with a 9 dollar an hour job and STILL cant afford food without food stamps! Dont judge people and dont put everyone in a box, we dont all abuse the system jerk.

  7. Well Katrina, I work a full time job and don’t get benefits and I also do not have any children or dependants. I do not live beyond my means and I wouldn’t be able to buy ANY food if it weren’t for EBT. I am very thankful for food stamps and I am humble about it, I don’t like being dependant on the government assistance and it sucks that so many people DO abuse the system because it gives everyone that actually needs the help a bad rap. It’s people like you, (people who open their mouths before they open their eyes) and people that abuse the system them make me feel ashamed…wrong…lower class for needing food stamps, even though I know I NEED them. So thanks, and YOU have a nice day.

  8. all you people are ignorant some people receive food stamps because they either got laid off or lost there job don’t you understand were living in tuff times a college education these days aren’t even enough to get a job yes there are people who manage to beat the system and don’t deserve it but there are others who are in need and do deserve it

  9. The automated system is atrocious. The number is either busy, or it tells you to call back. If you do manage to get into the hold queue, the wait time is 40 minutes or more, but you’ll get automatically booted off of the system well before then. They say “you must have an interview by this date or your benefits will be discontinued”, but you can’t get through. Ever.

  10. You all need to get a job ! it is called assistance … If you cannot afford one kid why are you having more? Hello common sense! the government and tax payers can’t be supporting your child if you dont know who your baby daddy is … get up your bum and go get a job or two it will do you some good 🙂

  11. Yes I have a comment. We have young people come into our state and totally take advantage of our system and benefits here that should be for our tax paying residents not people who relocate and then take full advantage of our system. Example: i.e., young man 23 and girl 19 with baby – living with daddy and both collecting food stamps and giving false information to the system to get these benefits totally almost $700/month – seriously. When I have a neighbor 88 years old and on social security that was told she would qualify for $17/month in food stamps – something is really bad with this system and needs to be fixed. The liars need to go back home and stay there!

  12. I have been trying to get through for months now to cancel my benifits, due to I moved OUT of state and I have yet to get through. I need to be able to apply where I live now and cant because everytime I try they disconnect me. I have never had so many problems like this, I find it ridiculous.

  13. Been trying to get through their broken-down system is consistantly impossible. It seems that if they have 15 minutes or more of backed-up callers (they always do) they will just not allow you to stay on hold, and they’re only open during normal business hours. How can I talk to a representative if I’m in class or I work from 9am to 10pm monday through friday? I’m a college student working her ass off and needs foodstamps because I can’t afford the college meal plan and have no-one to cosign on loans, and my foodstamps got refreshed down to 29 dollars for seemingly no reason that was communicated to me. So now I’m surviving off of rice and beans breakfastlunchdinner until I can contact someone so I can actually eat a damn salad or something. It’s ridiculous.

  14. That is so sad… They did the same to me. I only made $1200 a month, with 3 kids. To them its a gold mine, but just like you they didnt take into consideration rent, electric, daycare, or any extra things a family may need. I hope everything has improved for you this year and I wish you and your husband the best.

  15. LOL I can understand being on food stamps for a few months when things get tough…but for those living on food stamps for 6-8 or more years?!?! Ya’ll need to do something about your situation. Kinda glad it’s difficult for you.

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