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Food Stamps Georgia Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Georgia Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. I did my application in 2013 October. I have a 3 year old an only income is my Childsupport. My rent is 550. My family helps me with food for now but when i call this number they gave me at defacs it doesn’t even ring. It doesn’t allow me to choose options either. I live in liberty county Ga but it is a burden to always need your family for help. I am also 3 months pregnant and about to began school. I realy dont care how much foodstamps i receive i just need to get food for my children.

  2. I have had a problem every time I call this number I go through all the prompts and then I just hangs up on me. I completed my review on time and never heard from anyone I tried this number no help so I reapplied but missed my phone appt. Cause I didn’t get the appointment letter until 4 days after my appointment at which time I had missed my appointment and now everyday at different hours I call this number and i have yet BEEN ABLE talk to anyone . So my kids a missing Dr. Appt. And we are struggling for food cause this number doesn’t work..IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT I NEED TO DO PLEASE LET ME KNOW

  3. I see my previous posts have been deleted. Guess the deadbeat enablers don’t like the taxpayers commenting on how their taxes are being spent!

  4. Explain nothing to REDNECK. Because history has shown that REDNECKS have been on and still are on the gravy train for centuries.

  5. I had the same problem so I went into my local dfacs office. They told me that they no longer have staff that makes those phone calls and told me I would have to speak to someone in the office. I had to wait in a long line, but I finally after an hour and a half I was able to talk to one of the office workers wjp took my information. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Most people are not on the gravy train! I happen to have a job and 2 kids. With all my bills paid in full, I do not have enough money for food to feed my kids and I. I am also paying taxes along with you. So i appreciate yours and my taxes helping to feed my house hold!

    Thank you,

  7. I was on hold for 2 hours 45 min and when I got thru she said she had to direct me to someone else, then promptly hung up on me. I uploaded documents for my review and haven’t heard anything for 2 weeks. I feel like they think we are unworthy of any kind of respect because we are low income and it really pisses me off. This system needs an overhaul. I am a tax payer who is going thru a TEMPORARY financial setback and I do not appreciate being treated so disrespectful.

  8. I had an appointment for an interview on 11/13/13 at 1:30 but no one called, I have tried to call many times with hold times above 30 mins each. I end up running my phone dead each time. Can someone tell me what methods they used to reach someone?

  9. I disagree with that last comment. the fact that you say a person is not entitled to government assistance and the program was designed specifically to provide service to people in certain situation lets me you are talking from the side of your neck and have some bias for the program. The way people are being treated like they are beneath someone is insulting and is going to start something the government can not finish.

  10. It’s really hard getting someone on the line to talk to you! I had changed my address in the system. I not getting my information in a timely manner so can address the issues on hand. Need to do away with the auto voice recording!!! I would greatlty apperication it if I, could talk to alive person once in a while!!!!!!!!!!

  11. My case has been closed twice now after waiting a month each time for approval all because they said they never received my documentation. I guess they mean the documents that I submitted the very next day after my phone interview, each time!! I’m writing this comment as I sit on hold to talk to them about this absolute nonsense! Speaking of nonsense, the hold times fit that bill! I have time to write this comment and probably an entire novel by the time they finally answer the phone. The last 3 times I’ve had to call in, I’ve sat on hold for a minimum of 2 hours! I expect nothing different this morning. Oh, and they tell me for certain issues I should call my local office. You mean the local office that has a recording that allows for no option to talk to anyone? That office? Yeah, they are a big help. So I actually went there one day looking for a better option than sitting on hold. Nope, no such luck. All they do is point me to a phone to call the number I already have and sit there on hold for two hours! No thanks! My 11 month old doesn’t have the patients for that and neither do I! At least at home I can feed him breakfast, change his diaper and let him play with his toys while I wait for someone to pick up. This whole system is insane and obviously unorganized. I know I shouldn’t complain about getting free money to feed me and my child and I don’t mind having to do some running around to get it but come on. If I’m doing my part (everything I’m asked to do) then I expect the same in return.

  12. they are full of it…my food stamps card only say i was suppose to get them on my date but did not receive them then when i call i was only the line for 2 hours then the person that answered hung up…they need to fix this problem cause im calling all numbers from different phones and still cant get anyone.. Georgia needs to ix asap

  13. WrightCD – You said the following:

    “Being on hold for an hour is something I should complain about because peoples time is valuable.”

    If you are working for your living, yes it is. If you are a deadbeat just sitting around holding the phone in order to get freebies, it isn’t. I think everyone applying for food stamps should have to stand in line for at least an hour.

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