Food Stamps Maryland EBT SNAP MD


Food Stamps Maryland Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact MD Maryland Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. i called tc get a new ebt card because mine was lost last friday around april 17. i still never received it, can you check to see if it was mailed out to the right address. 100 south market street, frederick, maryland, 10701. thank you.

  2. I checking to see if my card was already and when was it mail Michael E. Moore address is please let know so i be on the look out for it i havn’t recived it yet as of yesterday.

  3. Every single time I call, I am either on hold for an hour OR I get a message stating to call during non-peak hours. Please advise when your non-peak hours are because it seems to me that it is an all day affair. I am trying to renew my benefits, I have faxed in my paystubs and I get no response, no call, no answer, nothing. I sent an email out giving my comment and all I get back is a standardized message they send to everyone stating that they are working hard, etc. can someone just answer the phone? I need to know if you all received my information and the status of my case. I would like to be able to buy food!

  4. I have been calling but will not get a respond. I am wanting to close my MD account because moved back to Florida please call me left messages.

  5. I have used my card twice and both times it was declined, i call and they say i have the money in there,i even had the store call and the money was there but when the food is rung up it come”s up 0000,????

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