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Food Stamps New Jersey Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact NJ New Jersey Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. The Food stamp program is impossible to deal with. The Essex county office does not answer the phone, the NJ One App online Takes more than 30 days with no response online at all. I was approved for food stamps, am living in a hotel on credit cards, the Passaic county office ended my food stamps, saying i was in a different county. My case could have been transferred, if these lazy social service workers were there to help people. I am on disability, cant live anywhere, paying for a hotel on credit cards, have no transportation, no money left after paying credit card bills for the hotel, have no food, my property is in storage, also on credit card. Where can i get help in NJ?

  2. I’m so disspointed with the way I was treated when call my social worker to find out why the foodstampswere not added to my ebt and I called politely but was treated terribly by a case worker I was also calling to report an income change also but she did not let me finish speakin then says she late with paper work cuz she was a week vacation then tells me be patient hangs up in my face I couldn’t believe how nasty she was I sent paperwork out June 12 2013 till now august 7 no foodstamps..I don’t like my social worker I want her changed

  3. I’ve been on foodstamps for about 3 years and now this month I didn’t get any money on my ebt card for the month of July. Its now the 17th and I don’t have any money to buy food.I’ve called 2 times since July 1st and I was told someone would get back to me.Well I still haven’t been called.I have to live on less then $1000.00 a month for all of my house bills and there’s not much left to buy my food.I NEED YOUR HELP SOON AND IF I DON’T GET IT I WILL CONTACT THE GOVENOR.

  4. I’ve been on the internet searching for a food list of everything food wise I’m allowed to single and disabled and on a strict budget was currently getting 68-70 dollars a month in food stamps to live on. just recently received a letter saying it would be increased to 200$ witch I don’t trust its fluctuated so much. making 60-70 dollars last for 30 days is harder then you think. having a list of food items will make it easier when on ssi receiving 725.25 cents and live in a studio witch next month rent will increase to $625 plus gas electric. witch will leave me very little to do anything with I mostly been going to my parents house to have dinner but when I go to the store I buy only meats and seasonings unless I have money . I don’t know if they allow salt ketchup or spice’s at all? ty.

  5. No food stamps for 6 months everytime i call i am told it has happened to alot of other people and nobody knows why ? this is crazy when it is fixed i better get all my back months food stamps.. i am in toms river nj. WHAT DO WE DO ? THANK GOD FOR CHURCHES HELPING US OUT.

  6. I’ve been trying 3 separate customer service numbers non-stop for 2 days. No answer, no voice-mail, nothing. The call just drops for all 3 numbers every time I dial. I cannot check my balance on-line or by phone. How am I supposed to know if I have enough to shop. I do not drive and the stores are too far to just go to check and see if it works or not.

  7. I have the same situation, I am a single mom with 2 children and have been waiting since August first for my foodstamps through re-certification. I am in Toms River area. They do not answer and if they do its voice mail and no one calls back ever.I called the director in food stamps. She explained to me how they have too much work and not enough employees, so basically I called about not having any food stamps since July 1, 2012 and she told me her problems with the job at social services and was like trying to get me to console her for all her work she has to do. I really can’t understand how this place is so unorganized. All of the employees are rude and act like you are taking food stamps out of their pockets. I think the state should step in as they are just going to have to pay more over all when we do finally receive our food stamps.All of us are now receiving electric shut off notices, and car insurance cancellations because, we have to take our bill money and buy food that we are entitled to because of the low minimum wage. So we will get all our back food stamps and our utilities or rent paid also after a stressful long drawn out process where no one is being accountable.I go to the foodbanks in Ocean County One a week.There is a list on Google if you type in foodbanks in ocean county, Good luck.

  8. Something has definitely gone wrong with the NJ Food Stamp program. My son is disabled and was receiving $200.00 food stamps per month. July 1 he received no food stamps at all. He had never received a letter to recertify or informaing him of changes so I took him to the LAkewood food stamp office. It seemed many people did not get aid and the office was very crowded. We waited hours and were never seen. Then we went back to food stamps about a week later. We saw a worker who took some information – it seemed like a recirtification and told my son he should check his food stamp card next week, there will be food stamps on his card then. Well next week came and went and he received nothing. He tried calling and faxing (as he doesn’t drive) and the line was always either busy or no answer and the fax was always busy. We went to food stamps today and were told he had been recertified and the food stamp office was only up to recertification cases from May. They then told him he will probably have to wait MONTHS for food stamps. Taking food stamps from the disabled or people with children without any notice and then not having any idea when or if they will receive them again is wrong and completely unacceptable!!! I am amazed I am not finding more horror stories about NJ food stamps (or other programs) on the internet.

  9. The toll free number is recorded information only. If you call the local office (in my case Jersey City) nobody picks up. I needed to renew my SNAP, I did not receive any letter as promised. I finally got through to my “caseworker” who told me I was reassigned. I finally talked to my new”caseworker” who told me he could not schedule a meeting to renew, I should come in at 7AM and wait, if someone does not show up for their appointment, maybe they can see me. Or call another number for appointments, that person said she doesnt make appointments, call another number, and of course there was no answer. This is what I want to do on my days off.

  10. somebody single man got 1000.00 this month in foodstamps,he claim they under paid him for 5 monthsif this is true i want food stamps stuggling on ssd.

  11. I have 3 kids all under the age 4. My husband applied for foodstamps on 1/20/2012 and got approved for expedited food stamps. We are eligible for food stamps starting the month of Feb. He went to pick up the EBT card but the department said that it’s not in the system yet and for him to come back. We try calling our social worker who had approved our application but she does not pick up the phone. There was one day she picked up but said she will call us back since she has a client in front of her. She never did. This office in Hudson county will not pick up their phones or speak to someone after 2 pm. When you do call after 2 pm, they will just let their phones ring. My husband went to the office in the morning only to be told by the security to come back after 2pm. So he went home.

    It’s already almost at the end of the month and the case worker still hasn’t picked up the phone. I got her supervisor’s extension and tried calling her/him and no answer.

    I call the operator to see if he/she can help and just transfer me to EBT department who will transfer me again to the case worker. Per NJ law, the EBT card should have been issued 7 days after the date on the application.

  12. I filed my taxes. This will make my “Feb monthly income” higher than the max amount allowed to receive food stamps. Will my foodstamps end due to this One Time “income”?

  13. The NJ sys tem for SNAP is so poor. I am disabled and I went to the Ocean County Sicial Services Office three months ago to apply for foodstamps. It is now the end of December and I have not heard from anyone in their office. Every time I call I am transferred immediately to voice mail. I even requested to speak with a supervisor wi no response. I wish Governor Christy would do some real work for his money and overhaul this hideous process.

  14. I think it a shame the way this system works when ever I apply for good statm I go in office and do all paper work that’s needed however they take for ever for the review to be done its the 8th and funds should be on since the first and still question is this the system or is the workers not efficient with time…….

  15. I was approved for food back in November – now it’s February, and I STILL HAVENT RECEIVED MY CARD! I go into the office every week, they just lie and tell me it’s in the mail! 2 months in the mail, huh? I left numerous messages and emails, no one will help me. I finally got a printout at the office, stating my card was issued in November, it has $ on it, but it STILL isn’t here! I’m soo hungry I am sick! No one will help, no one calls back or writes back. I go into my office and they say “we don’t have any cards here!” You just have to wait, it’s in the mail! Unbelievable.

  16. Today is the day they were suppose to call me to recertify they even sent a letter with the time they would call. This is the second time that SNAP has did this to me. No phone call. The letter says its easier to be recertified by phone. So, where are they, and why is it no one answers the phone in this office. It just keeps on ringing.

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