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  1. we have not received our snap benefits in two months after being told by local office that it was handled three times . who do we need to speak with at a higher office than the one in Charleston get this resolved?

  2. I would like to know how can my son living in my household not be included in my benefits, he does attend college and does work study. I don’t get the fact that someone not working, not furthering education,or anything else can get more than what I get, just don’t want a handout just a helping hand.

  3. I have been calling this interview center for 2 weeks, literally 100’s of times a day, all to no avail! We have been without food money for over a month and have spent all the money we have trying to keep our 4 children from starving!! I have made complaints to the state director’s office and they have assured me they will rectify the situation within the day and I haven’t heard from them in 3 days. My county office won’t do anything either!! I never had to go a month without food money before they “fixed” they system to “avoid waiting in long lines and making trips to the local dss” both of which I’ve done 4 different times in the last month. Please pray we get food money immediately!

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