Food Stamps Texas EBT SNAP TX


Food Stamps Texas Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Texas Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.
Instate Number: Dial 211

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  1. Good luck getting help If you get assistance they will take it away stating you didn’t sighn it or some other lame exsscuse to denie you help. they don’t care if your disabled and have kids to feed. not there problem. there the government an can do what they you can hope for is to be an ellegal imagrant maybe then you could get help!!!!!!

  2. Lately I have been trying to send in some papers to the office by fax but the Number does not work. Did the food stamp office change the Fax Number? Where I am faxing the papers it is at 1-877-477-2839.

  3. I had to fax over paperwork for my food stamps and I was wondering what is my case looking like? Because I’m staying house to house some times at the shelter I’m hungry and I go to food pantries and get food to last me and I need help! So if you could please help me on my case information or what number I have to call.

  4. my name is RENE

    in a 45years old and get 17.00 in foodstamps.,can i apply for more i live alone and i am disabled. my phone number is

  5. The “512” area code number only connects you with “2-1-1” in that area code. NO HELP AT ALL to talk to a live person. Texas 2-1-1 is a closed loop mostly to check on things you already are signed up for, as I heard the options. 6-13-2012

  6. I am trying to apply for food stamps. The online registration has too many questionaires which i am not interested in. Can I call someone or a department?

  7. I am trying to apply for snap on my computer but it will not accept my password or my sign in. My family is saying I need to come in in person to apply. Is there a way you can help me. If I come in person what idenification do I need?

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