Food Stamps Washington EBT SNAP WA


Food Stamps Washington Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Washington State Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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5 Replies to “Food Stamps Washington EBT SNAP WA”

  1. Always has been and always will be a joke. Best way to deal with these people is to get off their program. Or call constituent relations in Olympia.

  2. My question is the same as Jordan’s. How do I talk to an actual human? Your answer phone system is truly pathetic. Kent

  3. What good is a website that offers no help or assistance????

    Automated avenues that lead to a dead end!!

    Pathetic…..and lethal to those who are reaching desperation levels.

  4. I made my EBT card in Vancouver, and when I moved here to Killeen Texas, I did not know I had to inform the office in Vancouver, WA.. so now what?? who do I talk to, or contact?? do I have to go back to Vancouver??

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