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  1. Dear sirs

    several years back forbes magizine ran an article about fibre optics and verizon,, there was a photo in the article of lineman named joseph/joe nastasi in a bucket truck running or splicing the fibre optics cable…. Is there any way of finding/aquiring the article / photo… It is extremely important to me to get a copy of that magizine issue, article, / photo, I am Please asking for you help in aquiring said issue article / photo. Unfortunately I cannot give more info other than it was from sometime between the early 90’s to early 2000’s. to nest of my recolection, I am please asking if there is a way to locate the article issue or photo


    joseph nastasi

  2. This morning I sent an email to Forbes Magazine inquiring about their magazine which I was receiving which I never subscribed for and asking them to remove me from their subscription list. I then contacted thier Customer Service Department concerning this matter. The Customer Service Rep was very helpful and indicated that my subscription to Forbes Magazine had not been started by me but by a company named SUBCO located in Fresno California. Their address is as follows:


    653 West Fallbrook Ave

    Suite 101

    Fresno, CA 93711-5503


    Contacted them this morning and informed them that I never requested a subscription to Forbes. I was informed that the subscription would be stop. I also indicated that if this continued my lawyer would be contacting them. To Forbes I would like to say sorry for the email and great job by your Customer Service Department for helping he discover who was responsible for the magazine supscription. To everyone else contact the Customer Service Department of the magazines you’ve received and find out who took the subscripton out in your name.


  3. For some “dumb” reason I’ve been receiving your magazine. I NEVER requested a subscription to your magazine nor do I read your magazine. Remove my name from your subscription list. I will not pay for something I did not request.


  4. The Customer Service Representative was very cordial and competent.

    The Webmaster and Programming Department need to also step up.

    When a subscriber pays for 26 issues [at $19.95] the website should clearly reflect that [and not display ’13 issues – $19.95′]

  5. Have subscribed to Forbes for over 30 years and becoming more disappointed with every issue. You seem to want to be not much more than a People mag. You are not going out there to really dig deep into analysing the different companies to invest in. You don’t have great interviews with great market investors. I used to rate you with Barrons but no more. Would like to see you return to the old Forbes or you will continue to loose subscribers or worse. Hope to get an answer as I would love to see you improve. Jim Hobson

  6. 9/24/12 I got a collection letter from North Shore Agency on behalf of Forbes magazine for $10.00 to reinstate the remaining issues of “your” original subscription. I would have returned billing not satisfied to cancel subscription. Please notify North Shore Agency that I have no bill with you and send me a copy of the letter freeing me of any collection issues with Forbes or the collection agency North Shore Agency. Contact me through my e-mail.

  7. We do not want this magazine and did not order it. I called to stop MAXIM and it has not stopped and then this magazine has started . We will not pay for it Please stop all issues of any ,magazine in Georges name

  8. OMG,I thought it was a gift from my brother, maybe it’s NOT. If this # isn’t a gift, but a scam, remove my mailing information from your list now and do not send an invoice for something I didn’t order.

  9. Forbes customer service is really stooping to a new low in seekin subscriptions .I sent a check for 19.99 July 19th and received a phon call aug 2 nd 2012 telling me I had a past due account and wanted immediate payment .I argued with them to no avail. they finally had me charge a one years amount to my credit card. I did no order ayn other subscription than the 19.99 for 26 issues.What has happened to this company.

  10. I never ordered this magazine and would have no use for it. I really enjoy the billing part.

    Reference 124798 commited fraud.

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