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  1. We have purchased a new for explorer sport full option in Moscow Russia approx 2 weeks ago, it was delivered to our company in Orenburg Russia one week ago. I would not start at minus 30 degrees C and left the same day it was delivered on the back of an evac truck to a local dealer.

    Later that day the problem was solved and we could pick it up, leaving the garage with 10 KM on it stopped again, back to the garage where the said that the catalisor was broken. In all of Russia it seems these parts are not in stock if I would like to wait for a month for delivery from Germany.

    Great car, spend 55K Euro that you smack in to a dead object for the next month and a half at least.

  2. hi there i have a ford explorer 1997 model i was driving my car one day and it was poor out smoke out off under neath the car i was just wondering what can i do to stop it from doing it

  3. worst customer service I’ve ever seen ford customer service is the pit of pits try dialing autumn at ford customer service does not call back total b s just to make you think she’s doing something and she does nothing at all ford is craph do not and I repeat do not buy another ford if you do you get what you deserve–terrible customer service and people that are liars and believe me they are /by the way especially don’t buy anything from J c Lewis ford in savannah big mistake!!!!!

  4. Bad Service From Ford’s Parts Department

    Good day, To whom It may concern. I would just like to know, when can I eventually expect my parts that I have ordered. Bantam Bakkie New left & right stepcovers 1 x (2008) New RH/Side rear View back light I have placed the order on the 31-07-2013 – Invoice 330630 Order No : Q722606. Consultant : Percy I have not yet paid for the Items, as I would do so the Day I would collect. The stepcovers should have been ready, but the 1 x (2008) New RH/Side rear View back light had to be specially be manufactured, as the factory has got no stock – Lead days 10 – 12. But early in (beginning) July I phoned and asked if you guys have stock on the stepcovers, the gentleman said no but delivery will amend on the end of the month(End July) as the order was already placed. Saterday 10-08-2013 I phoned again asking about the goods I have ordered.(can’t remember the gentleman’s name) There was no order for any of my Items on your system. Fine the gentleman said he will order immediately the Items. The Factory will deliver the goods on Monday 12-08-2013 and I can collect my goods Today. This is stated on your website : The Parts department also gets two deliveries a day from Ford Motor Company: If order is placed before 9H00 parts are delivered at 14H15 If order is placed before 17H00 parts are delivered that evening ensuring that ordered parts are therefore available by 08H00 the next morning. Can someone tell me why should I wait so long ? This is really bad service, I am not happy at all.

  5. 2008 f-250 king ranch 6.4L diesel truck.

    Horrible service at bob Moore in Moore OK. 4200

    Worth of misdiagnosed repairs And it blew the engine

    Less than 4 miles from the service dept. Would not honor

    Their repairs. Called customer care and reported the atrocious customer

    Service and was promised a phone call within 4 business days.

    5 days later and no call. Do not buy. And never ever ever stop at this dealership.

    You would be better off taking it to a 711 for repairs.

    Ford customer for life converted by ineptitude of 2 people at one dealership.

  6. I have a 2005 Ford Mustan V6. I wish i wud have went online before I bout the car because i would have left it there.. This car and apparently many many many many many others around this year model has had a serious electronic problem.. That it seems to be that all FORD has to say about it is OOPSS!!!!!. I have the leaks in the floor, instrument panel shorts out, computer shorts out and wont turn on A/C or Cooling fan and for 2 week car would crank and would not shut off. Then it started cranking and shutting off like it never happen…I shouldnt b shocked but it really amazes me the amount of complaints ive read on the internet obout the leaks, shortages, gauge faulty, computer going haywire.. Not one time have i read anything about a recall or something to the state of FORD owning up to this ERROR IN PRODUCTION.. Maybe even some discounted replacement parts. Its almost like FORD OOPS, and make the custormer pay for the ERROR.

    As i sit here and think of what could I say or type in this email to trigger some kind of spark in FORD MOTOR COMPANY. It dawns on me this a 2005 so this isnt the first, second or one thousandth time Ford has heard this music im playing..




  7. 6/29/12 We had a 2012 Ford Escape. We left for a trip to Tennessee, Missouri and Kansas.

    In those 10 days we were at 5 Ford dealerships as the Check Engine soon light

    kept coming on. Each time it was a different sensor. The dealership we stopped

    at in Moscow Mills, MO actually turned us away saying they didn’t have time for

    us that day. Maybe we could come back tomorrow but they had a full calendar that

    day and they didn’t know if they could work us in or not. Bye the way, we’re

    travelling from Colorado while all this is happening. We got to Tennessee and

    we went to a dealership in Jackson, TN that said their only Ford person was on

    vacation and referred us to a dealership 30 miles away in Corinth, MS. They

    claimed it was the remote brake control box we had in the SUV. It was interferr-

    ing with the sensors so we had them unhook the control box from the battery.

    The light was out and we were on our way. A few days later we left for Missouri

    and we noticed the light was back on and the control box was still operating.

    My husband had to unhook it from inside the SUV to actually turn it off. When

    we reached Springfield, MO we went to Friendly Ford. They worked us in after a

    bit of a dispute and with no loaner to offer. They said they would have to

    either tear down the engine or replace the computer because the camshafts were

    not working in sync. This is a 7 month old vehicle that we had purchased brand

    new in March. We had taken it over mountain passes with not a bit of trouble or

    anything. So after all this trouble on this trip, to get home with peace of

    mind that we wouldn’t(?) break down going across Kansas, we decided we should

    trade vehicles. We purchased a F150 which is a gas guzzler. We ended spending

    over $900 for fuel on this trip!! What a disappointment!!!

    No refunds on Extended Warranties unless you sell the vehicle to a private party

    and they want it=then you get your $ back. The bad word will be spread about

    Fords believe you me!!!!

  8. I purchase a 2011 F-150 in December. It started making a strange noise, so I took in to have it check. I was told I would have to leave it overnite to have test ran on it.I had no problem with this because I just want the truck to be right because of the investment in money. I ask the dealer would a loaner be provide ,because the truck has less than 4000 miles on it and was told no. I than call Ford customer service and was told the same thing.Here I am with truck that has less than 4000 mile on it and it already requiring service and they want provide a loaner car. That sloan Best Build they always saying has about much true as the one that you can find a pot of a gold at the end of a rainbow.Well ford, I have two brothers and friends and you sure I am going to do everything possile to influence them not buy anything that said ford.

  9. I bought a 2011 Ford Fusion band new at the end of December (2010)..It is only 2 years old…My first problem started with the Sirius sat..GPS system about 2 months later..Just stopped working took into dealer ship and service department was due to companies of cell-phones some provider’s wont work anymore..we’ll no more GPS unless u go out and get a different provider on your cell-phone..This isn’t that easy u have contracts with the provider your with so never resolved that was their solution..I bought the car also for this specific reason due to my job is finding address right away..Second time was the air conditioner smelled like mold and film on the window..Their solution is put cleaned & deodorized & they found no leaks..well still film on lower part of window nothing they can do again..The third time i kept hearing a noise like a buzzing sound for a second took it in said nothing wrong.(took it in before their mafactory warranty ended & just got the run-around..Know they say I have to pay for it ..It began to get worse took in again same reply..Know come to find out the shock on one side is out..wow thats crazy I cant believe it only 2yrs old..Called the dealer ship of course asking about extended warrant..(Didn’t think I was going to need it like so soon..didn’t purchase it..Called their main office the person on other line same answer about purchasing their extended warranty!!! They Won’t Help You afther buying a car from them UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXTENDED WARRANTY!!! I always take my car into Ford for all oil changes & inspections they never find the problem till there is no warranty..I had to tell them about all these things that were goin on..We’ll I wonder in about another year or so wat else if goin go wrong with it…That’s too bad that your business is only important when buying from them rather than any other type of customer service..My first Ford owned and very very disatified…I do understand cars don’t last forever but at least until you pay it off..

    I guess if the cars only goin last a few years maybe they should let the customers know that so they will buy the extended warranty or have an option to spend alot of money on a

    depenable car or trunk cause a person will have for a while.. Faye (Albuquerque,NM)

  10. I have a 2007 F-150 4/4 5.4 liter engine,approaching 100,000 miles which is the recommened spark plug replacement interval. Guess what, you can expect to break off about half the plugs in the cylinder head. Cost estimate to replace….$800.00 to $1000.00. Chevy here I come.

  11. I have a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL. The electronic power steering went out on the Interstate pulling right! My wife was driving and immediately pulled over. I took it to Crossroads Ford dealer in Frankfort, Ky. the next morning. After several days I called to find out what was going on. Their tech was out for the holiday weekend and returned Wednesday 5/31/12. They said the Electroic Steering gear was shorted out. The car is 2 years old and has 59,000 miles so you guested it. They wanted $1,354 to repair it. I think there Crazy! This is a common problem from 2010 to 2012. They all use the same part number, no wonder. No i did not add the exteded warranty. You should not need this with cars today that should last as long as the term of the loan you have to take out to onwn a NEW vehicle.

    They tried to talk me into trading it in. The original purchase price was over $29,000. They said with the problem and the high milage it was worth in REAL dollars about $10,000. What else is there???


  12. In September our Ford Mustang GT began having stalling issues, knowing we would possibly be driving cross country in this vehicle I had it immediately towed to Sarasota Ford for repairs. Days later after calling them , it was explained to me that is was the throttle body that was causing the problem. I approved the work to be done and an estimate of 1170.00.Before the repairs were finished to the throttle body, they had called me an told me that I had tire sheering going on and asked if I wanted an alignment. I told them no that I had just had one and I would bring the car back to the alignment shop to get this checked out after I received my car back. You guessed it, when I did so the mechanic noted no sheering and stated this is what they do to get you to pay for more services. I also was charged for other services that I told them I did not want, sadly I was out of town for a few months so I never saw the invoice, my son in law picked up the vehicle for me. That is not the end of the story though, in December we returned to Florida to pick up the vehicle and decided to drive 2100 miles cross country to Denver, fun right? Wrong, our car broke down before we even got out of the state!! First dealership, said “its probably a bad throttle body but if we can’t duplicate the problem we can’t fix it” The problem was duplicated but the mechanic didn’t hook up the computer until after the fact. So, off they sent us. AND, half way through Louisiana…. middle of the night, dimly lit highway we stalled again, we were escorted off the highway with the car stalling on and off to a hotel, thank goodness for the state trooper helping us out. Next morning to another Ford dealership with the same results, mean while, I am calling Customer service over and over the really stressing my point that this is dangerous situation but to no resolve. And again the mechanics admitted “it is probably a bad throttle body” no duplicate , no fix, bye bye.” You guessed it, get outside of Houston Tx and stalled again, this time I’m not getting off the phone without resolve, they had us towed( get the bill and they charged us for the tow) and the mechanics were waiting for us, they immediately took the car in and after-hours and I mean hours and 3 different test drivers , the problem re-duplicated itself on the lead mechanic , 10 miles away on the highway. It was the main computer !!! never was the throttle body at all!! They had the replacement part brought in from another city in Texas, repaired it and gave me a bill for 1025.00. When we finally got to Denver, I called customer service and began the fight for my money back, wrong diagnosis and repair , I want my money back, after having to repeat this story over and over and providing all my paperwork, I was told I would be receiving a check for services deemed not necessary from Sarasota Ford. This E-mail came to me in mid-December, you guessed it, no reimbursement check has ever arrived. I will continue to fight until I do receive my money back and plan to seek counsel about options if I don’t. FORD, you have not defeated me yet!!!

  13. I have a New 2011 Ford Escape Limited Edition. At 37,500 miles the heater coil went out. Took the part out and looked at it, it was/is from bad weld spots on the coil. No..I didn’t get the extended warranty due to it being $1,600.00 dollars. That it about $600.00 more than what Ford kicks in for the warranty itself. Needless to say, I got a $1,000.00 estimate from Ford, that another dealer actually did for $800.00. Ford basically said, Oh well to me and my Escape. So here it is back at ya Ford. When I do go out and buy 2 New trucks for our company they will be Dodge. When I have to buy new/used cars from our estimators they won’t be Fords. And last but not least I will tell EVERYONE I can, that Ford products have some problems and that the company itself does nothing to help its consumers. You know us… The ones that bailed you out a few years back.

    PS, I know I will enjoy my new Chevy.

  14. My companion got a “newer” (used) truck from a dealership close by. It leaked oil or transmission fluid. After much argument, the dealership finally agreed to fix the leak. The truck was taken in for repair on Wednesday and he was told it would be ready Thursday or Friday. Thursday he called and was told it would be Friday or Monday. Friday he called and was told it would be Monday or Tuesday. Monday (today) he called and was told it would be Wednesday before it was ready — they were “backed up.” Does he have any recourse? They just keep dragging their feet. I realize it’s “warranty work” and done at no charge, but it’s ridiculous that they just keep stalling him. He needs his truck for his work, and he’s losing work because he has no truck. Is there anything he can do? He’s talked to the service manager and dealership manager, to no avail. This is insane!

  15. I own a 2011 F-150 with 10000 kms and its the biggest pile of junk i ever spent money on. If i had lots of money i would paint it yellow and put lemmons all over it and park it on the highway and leave it there. DO NOT BUY ONE. I spent over $80,000 in the past two years on ford trucks and i was told by customer service basically to suck up my problems. In 10,000 kms a thermostat,water pump,wheel bearing and now a growl in the drive line and the dealer cant figure it out and told me just to drive it until it breaks. I WILL NEVER SPEND A DIME ON A FORD AGAIN

  16. Oddly just in case you have not noticed, this is happening not just in car dealerships accross the country, but in most BIG-BOX stores and down to the Mom and Pop establishments as well. It is really hard to usderstand the general complacency all around every one. Mosy business’ are self centered and of course all about the dollar because of the economy these days. ( farnkly there is no relief on the horizon either) This even follows through the people and their driving as well. Same senario either lost in their tiny worlds, not paying attention or texting / phoning. I am a viet nam vet medicled out and have to use a power chair. I have been hit twice in recient times because of these very same shared here in. However their re exceptions, but generally speaking you are not the only one with these complacent probleums.

  17. I have been trying to correct a problem with a Ford survey that I attempted to fill out on Bailey Ford in the town of Malone NY. It was stated that I was very dissatisfied with the service I received, and this could not be correct, either I made a major mistake by checking the wrong sections of the survey or I didn’t have enough time to complete it, but the truth of the matter, I am super pleased with the service and am diss appointed with this survey, by the way, it was not mailed out to me , it was sent to me via E-mail, I seem to make mistakes when I try reading e-mail, I have old eyes and sometimes don’t read proper, But no matter I attempted to correct this survey and was under the impression that someone of authority would return my call or that I would get to re-do the survey(which I would go real slow and make sure I filled it out the way I thought I did) ,but I have been waiting and neither has happened! If any one from Ford would review my record they would see that I have been a loyal

    Ford owner throughout the years and no one could be this loyal to a dealership for all those years if they received bad service. I will not be happy until I can change this survey or re-do it ! WHY CAN’T SOMEONE OF AUTHORITY FROM FORDMOTOR CO. CALL ME ?????!!!!!

  18. Dear Customer service,

    I’m Ben Eddy, owner EcoSport with no order (which are listed in the windshield) 61 * want to ask for a detailed explanation of the fuel consumption which in my opinion is very wasteful to 1500cc engine size.

    As a matter of calculation: in a written odometer display 17.7 liters / 100km which means 1liter pertamax I use only to a distance of 5,65km VERY WASTES klo compared with innova who 2000cc but 1 liters to a 9km, I also tried to calculate it manually with the way my tank full contents pertamax and after our last unused contents back full and then our mileage for the amount of fuel used is kira2 turns consumption of 1 liter = 5,5km, hoping to get an explanation if there is an error setting or even no software problems corrupt remember everything in control with a computer,

    Please note also that we have submitted a complaint to the Ford BSD with p Mr Fajar and Mr. Peri, but it’s been 3 weeks to This e-mail made no answer or explanation that I received.

    I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with the service Ford BSD each asked technical questions can never give an explanation that “make sense”.

    I need help in resolving this issue to FORD INDONESIA.

    That is all and thank you


    Benedictus Eddy Boediarto

  19. I own a 2006 Ford Freestar with a new transmission and torque converter. This is the series 4F50N transmission introduced with the 1986 Taurus. It is known to be the most unreliable transmission manufactured in the USA, worse the the infamous Dodge series of transmissions. The Honda transmissions used after the 1990’s is nearly the same in terms of reliability.

    The original torque converter failed at about 97K, resulting in the new transmission and torque converter, Since that time three more torque converters have failed. The reason for the failures lies in internal part failure which restricts fluid flow to the torque converter. It is not the torque converter it self, it is a victim of cirstuffstances!

    The dealership was not interested in solving the internal problem, which in all probability is contamination introduced during the install of the new transmission. Contamination being metal particles and residual material produced by the “original” converter failure. I tried to contact Fords CEO, Mark Fields with the problem, but Ford executives are not allowed communication with consumers, due to work load? They have been reports of same on local Country Club golf courses! I got involved with Ford’s “Cusyomer Service Center” , which maybe in Detroit or Nepal? They are “empowered” to help the masses with their Ford problems. I explained the situation and what I needed to rectify the the situation. I received an E-Mail, stating there was no record of warrantied repairs to my Vin.#. After a heated session the rep called the dealership and verified the repairs. At this point after explaining the problem and having a second party verify the problem, nothing has happened.

    I researched warranty law and found that the Magnuson Moss Act applies in my case. This is a Federal Statute/law:(15 U.S.C.-2301) Wikipedia has a good explanation of the law. My case applies because of the chronic failures involved. It could help you. This law is probably the basis of consumer class acts filed over the years.

    Well, Ford customer service exists in name only and serves only the company in defeating the consumer. This unfortunately leaves only litigation as a solution to basic problems. I would encourage anyone to litigate against Ford. It appear that parts installed by a Ford dealership are warrantied by them as vendors and not the corporation. This should simplify litigation. The Magnuson Moss Act does not limit cost of claims, less than 50K are filed in state courts, above that federal courts are required, so use it to your advantage!

    After ny repair is made I am going into litigation prepared to win. My warranty expires on 12/12/15!!!!!

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