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  1. They really should have phone support, what are they doing wrong,. I cant figure out anything to get my business listed right. They could do A LOT better. Really!!!

  2. Great company, great product/service. I use it all the time. Lots of technical glitches though. Not saying you need better programmers and engineers, but well, maybe you need more robustness in some of those areas. I mean, I wanna be able to get all I can out of 4square. Cuz it’s awesome. I love 4square! It is the best but it could be better and that would make my life more enjoyable. Please let me know how I can maximize all of the benefits….

  3. i am having the same problem! I own a salon in springfield and this “foursquare” has offered my customers $5 off of a $10 service when “checking in”! Does anyone know a contact number for this joke of a business?

  4. Our business is experiencing the same thing. It’s a deal between American Express and Foursquare. You get discounts on your American Express card when you purchase with it. Problem is, whomever designed the ad, worded it very poorly. It says that our restaurant will give them a discount. I got a hold of American Express and they told me to contact Foursquare. I’ve sent Foursquare an email and have not heard back. I’ve been unable to find a phone number for them.

  5. Foursquare has misled customers to believe that they are recieving discounts at my business!!! I have never…until now heard of them, let alone work with them, and am certainly not honoring any fradulant discounts!!!

  6. foursquare has posted false information on ronnies pizza in Yuma it says it is now closed this is an all out I lie I know im the owner 36 years and counting maybe a lawsuit???

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