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Los Angeles, CA 90035

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  1. Arod used illegal items all his life to obtain his advantage. He betrayed kids and fans of the game. Lied to the world and now he is Fox Sports golden boy. Shame on your network.

  2. Joe Buck is a very generic announcer. It was bad enough listening to him announcing NFL games. Why would you let him ruin the World Series with his Captain Obvious approach to announcing. Randy White would be an upgrade to Joe Buck. Please replace him with a competent announcer. I see why you pair him up someone people like.

  3. On FS1 baseball coverage between the Yankees and Astros I can’t hear the announcers well.
    Nat sound too high, announcers too low..


  4. Baseball. The dude with Joe Buck sure can talk.
    Someone who talks all the time spoils the broadcast.
    You hardly need Joe Buck

  5. You have Urban Meyer on your network. He had over 30 players arrested while at florida. Then, he brings a wife beater to the buckeyes and gets suspended. What a role model for young sports fans!!!Come on, get someone better than this person . I could call him names, but we get enough in politics.

  6. Ridiculous. Put the shows back on, and continue your negotiations without hurting the viewers. Otherwise you will lose viewers too, as your reliability becomes in questions for all TV with which you are associated. You have already demonstrated your resolve; you have removed channels. Now, all it gains is time, where in fact the additional time (which is likely but not necessary) might benefit you as well as it benefits Dish. Obviously your negotiators are not that savvy, as now you are losing revenue, and there are a lot of people that like the BIG 10 conference. You just opened the door for a competitor.


  7. Fox is going to lose way more than dish. There are millions of tex and ou fans across this country and the world. Fox picked a bad time to pull this crap

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