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Frontier Communications is a television cable, phone and internet provider that serves mostly rural areas. Verizon has moved some customers in rural areas to Frontier Communications.

Former Verizon CUSTOMERS:
Are you a Former Verizon Customer in West Virginia?
Call 1-877-352-7011
Are you a Former Verizon Customer in another state?

Call 1-877-462-8188
Did you become a Frontier Customer before June 30, 2010?
Call 1-800-921-8101

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3 Replies to “Frontier Communications”

  1. I am trying to report a phone that is out probably because a tree fell on it and have been on hold a long time
    The phone number is
    I am a friend calling because that is her only way to communicate
    she also has a life alert button
    If you can help me call

  2. I need help please. I ordered a phone for my mother on September 4 and have not received it. We have been billed for it but still do not have it. Phone number

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