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  1. Buyer Beware: Bought an HP slimline desktop at Fry’s in Fountain Valley CA. just before Christmas. Noticed that the box had been re-taped when I purhcased it as the factory label was fractured but did not think much of it. A few days later I tried to set up the computer but found it had a hard drive error and failed to boot up. Called Hp and they told me to take it back to Fry’s the next day as hard drive was apparently defective. Fry’s customer service rep took the machine in the back to service and then came and got me 15 minutes later. When I arrived in service they tried to claim no responsibility as the machine has liquid spilled on the drive thru the vent on the casing of the computer. They took a claim check and said I will have to pay $193+tthe cost of the drive when they can get the drive in stock. Explained to Ryan Johnson the service tech that the computer was only out of the box for 2 hours at my home and no liquids were present. Therefore, I could not do have spilled any liquid on it. Furthermore, I am the son of an electrical engineer so I know the drill on liquids and hardware. Fry’s refused to replace the defective computer! When I called my credit card company to file a dispute on the charge the rep was astonished when I told her that they sold me a defective machine and refuse to replace it! Waiting for credit card company’s paperwork on the dispute. Always purchase hardware on a reputable credit card and never pay cash!

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