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  1. really u reward donks especially american river cards writing to ben dunne .shuts down robbing sites .my name is jackie murphy

  2. I have lost with fulltilt but won it all back and then i get blocked what is that all about as they took the money from my account so i guess this a scam

  3. well, I have been playing for a long time and I am having a nightmare to buy chips. Iv’e changed banks and requested $100.00 in chips. I am using a new bank card and a debit card that. the computer refuses to credit my account.look,i am 74 years old and disabled.i like playing cards, please give me a hand email. @hotmail.com..thanks for the ear.

  4. I can’t log into game, You send me my password and it says no to what you sent?

    I’m paying for chips and I can’t play, since you did a down load a few days ago and you

    help on line is no help.

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