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f.y.e. for your entertainment is a customer-centric, cross-channel retail infrastructure comprised of an industry-leading Web site at fye.com and more than 650 mall-based stores (ranging from 3,000 square feet to the “superstore” format averaging 25,000 square feet). Utilizing advanced techniques and a broadband communication infrastructure, the f.y.e. concept has been rolled out nationwide – promising a more customized, interactive and inspiring experience for the entertainment consumers of the 21st century.

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  1. The manager at the Taunton, Ma store is a complete meanie I have never walked in there without her being rude to me. I have witnessed her being rude to several people beside myself. Im never going back there from now on I will drive an extra 20 miles to go to Newbury Comics. I dont know her name but she has black hair and glasses

  2. order #58xxx58 shipping number twe0sss0242629 I ordered a cd online and received the wrong cd inside the correct cd packaging. It is very difficult to return items to this company. they will not give proper information in order to do these returns correctly. I have called numerous times trying to return this cd. Please help I will not order from them again. this is terrible customer service.

  3. This is about my 5th e-mail. Order #28080980, placed 9/23/12, only received half (never got NCIS Season 9 DVD), was told that my credit card would be credited the $41.99 I am owed, never happened. Last called on 3/7/13 & told that I had to sign some sort of form that was being sent to me, again NEVER HAPPENED. I am getting annoyed enough to consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, this is inexcusable. You have the dvd back & I’m still waiting. The money isn’t much to you but it is to me. What do I have to do? KNOW THIS I WILL NEVER DEAL ON LINE WITH YOU AGAIN & STATE SO ON FACEBOOK SO THAT NONE OF MY FRIENDS GET THIS TREATMENT. ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY BACK, IS IT SO HARD FOR A BIG COMPANY TO WRITE OUT A CHECK TO A DISAPPOINTED, ANGER CUSTOMER?

  4. This company is crap. I had to return an item that was not what I had ordered, sent the item and now I recieve daily emails saying that they have not recieved it. They repeatedly send out messages but ignore the replys, for the last month I have been fighting to get a refund for something they messed up on. I have all the proof that the item was sent and delivered to the address they told me to send it to but they repeatedly send a message saying that they do not have it. There is NO number to call so you can only contact them through emails via their site or by replying to their emails that they send and those all get ignored. I always check the “return reciept” box when I send a email and every weekend I recieve 4 of the 7 back saying that they deleted them without reading them. I will NEVER go back and I will ALWAYS tell people how much this company is full of crap and just out to take money from people.

  5. You guys have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. there’s no way to contact you when I need help regarding anything . I purchased to DVDs and they weren’t working I couldn’t return it because the managers were jerks at Smith Haven Mall. Your CDs were scratched . This stupid FYe backstage pass is a jip. And I can’t even get into contact with you guys to cancel .Smh you guys should treat your customers with more Appreciation

  6. The following is a complaint I made on Mar. 6th:


    Name :

    Phone : xxx.xxx.xxxx

    Store : FYE

    Order #:

    Reason : I complained about this at your location in Jersey City, NJ at the Newport Mall and NOW I am getting EXTREMELY upset because NO ONE is getting back to me. I had this account since Suncoast shut down, I cannot use my FYE card number to take advantage of the deals EXCEPT in the store. What the HELL is going on, it was bad ENOUGH when I did NOT get ANY REBATES WHEN I SENT THEM IN ACCORDINGLY this is BS. I want someone to triple check that I am able to use the FYE number [BLANK FOR THIS POSTING] for online numbers and I want something as an inconvenience for myself. I want this done ASA fricikin P!!!


    The website said it would take 48 hrs. for a response. Can someone point me in the right direction, please…

  7. I was in F.Y.E. in Baton Rouge, La on Sunday March 11, 2012 around 6p.m. off of Constitution. At the time i was in the store i asked one of the male employees if there was a restroom in which i could use for a brief moment. He looked at me and said “if you need to go walk next door to Chili’s.” I walked across the parking lot to Chili’s to use their facilities but when i walked back into F.Y.E., a mother and her daughter was walking from the rear of their store coming from an office in the far right of the store. I walked up to the lady and asked “excuse where you allowed to use their restroom” she then said yes. I became very upset and walked to the associate in the front at the register insisting on speaking for a manager to report this incident to home office. An employee claiming he was a manager named James (the same little Asian employee who didn’t allow me to use their restroom) gave me a fake district manager number and claimed it wasn’t a race issue. I am very disappointed that this occured and i can assure you that i will not spend another penny in that store.

  8. i work with FYE, and I am just going to say this. With all refunds that are made with credit cards, they take at least 7 to 10 business days. Be patient.

  9. I reture a set of headphones because they were not need and got a refund via my creditcard. Couple of das later, the refund is a noshow. Can’t get any type of customer service response and I’m Pissed because they won’t even return the headphones back to me!!! I hope this business goes into financial ruin for stealing from people!!!

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