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  1. Have a thirty year old Gaffers Sattler gas wall oven, with microwave oven on top…name is Allegro…works perfectly..the timer knob on the clock broke off, it is knob D. Can’t find anyone to fix or even find the part myself. Any suggestions?

  2. I live in a 1979 mobile home and have double Gaffers & Sattler wall oven witch I believe

    is original. Just two days ago the oven no longer gets hot. The oven light does come on.

    Is this a heating element problem or what? This is an electric range & the numbers are

    difficult to read because of age. Can you help?


  3. I have an apartment size Gaffers & Sattler stove and whenever I use the oven grease forms on the top of the stove, what could be causing that?

  4. I have a stove top model R86KA-1 while repairing it I knocked off the wire to the light that lets you know the stove is on. One wire is connected to the last yellow wire to the last burner where does the other wire connect to?

  5. I live in a – 1969 trailer an my built in Gaffers & Sattlers double over rotisserie did not shut off at the thermostat after baking a chicken!

    The out side walls were extremely Hot to the touch !! so i Shut off main gas line to stove ..! In fear of A fire!

    Now ….totally without an oven I’m pondering my options an FEARS of trusting this oven an repairs!

    Are parts really available ….????or should i pitch it it an just be safe!

  6. I live in a 80’s condo and have a Model MF 60B 7P Stove/Oven with Microwave on top. The Microwave keypad still functions but does not perform. Is there any way to reset the keypad?


  7. Hi!

    We just moved into a 1972 Mobil Home and was surprized to fine a great condition Gaffers and Sattler wall oven with a broiler underneath! The broiler rack can be ajusted up and down and it’s really fun I’ve never seen anything like that. The icing on the cake is the broiler also can be ajusted into a rotisserie, but we are looking for the rotisserie piece,so if you know or have one call 702 726 7005 (the rotisserie motor works great).

    Also call if you are interested in buying the complete unit. This is a rare and fulling functional GEM.

    We’re having fun shinning up our purty Gaffers and Sattler, see if you buy it that’s something you won’t have to do. Shining like new contact us Randy and Priscilla

  8. I have a Gaffers & Sattlers double oven at least 30+ years old, the ignitor has gone out, we do not have a model #, due to it being worn off. Is there any way of getting this repaired. We have tried an appliance repair and are out $ and no repairs.

  9. We have a G & S trach compactor. (Just moved in.) Does anyone have a list of what we can put in it? –OR– What NOT to put in it? Thanks for any help Mike S.

  10. I have a gaffers & sattler double oven (gas). Its 30 to 35 years old. Top oven works ok. Bottom oven thermostat broken. Can it be repaired? Are parts avaliable?

  11. since i got my house 19 years ago my range (gas) has been only working with two knobs. How can i replace all the knobs? I have been looking around but i can’t find any similar.The stove brand is “gaffers and satttler.” or i am looking for a new one.

  12. We have an old gaffers and sattler wall oven and the ignitor has gone out. the oven will turn on but will not light. looking to replace this and need help locating parts and instuctions on how to do this. thanks for any help

  13. I am renting a condo with a Gaffers and Sattler trash compactor. Is there a service person avail to check this product for repair? Also what type of bag should I use? Thank you

  14. I just purchased a 1972 broadmore mobile home, which included gaffers and sattler gas wall oven and the matching stove top that drops into a counter. they are yellow/gold in color, still working great. but I need to replace the four knobs on the cooktop and the knob onto the wall oven. I also need the oven floor. I’m told it’s a pan that that sits between the burner and the inside of oven, with holes along the sides, hope this is making sence. As i’m still searching blind folded. I also need to know where to locate the model numbers for the wall oven and the counter cooktop. I can’t find them anywhere. there is no plate attched that I can find. Last but not least i’m in need of the decal that is on the top face of the oven where the knob connects, it’s all faded and pulling off. If anyone has any ideas, knows what this is, where i can purchase any of the abobe please contact me. I would really like to restore it back to it’s original state. Thanks for you assitance.

  15. I have heating furnace made by Sattlers & Gaffers model # ACD13-U-100-1 Serial #1327234F7,I need a copy of the wiring diagram. The furnace burns up to the point the blower starts to blow but it did’nt, I figured out something wrong with the wiring, relay is good. Need help on wiring diagram.

  16. I have an old mobile home with a Magic Chef model # BT22-4TVX. The gas has been off for a long time, Hooking up the gas I found the pilot light does not work to either the stove or the oven. Is there a way I can get this to work properly?

  17. I have a 1953ish Gaffer and Sattler built in oven with broiler. There isn’t a model number anywhere. I need to replace the spring on the broiler door, but I need part and model numbers to do that.

  18. My daughter is buying a house with a built in Gaffers & Sattler Model A55A-2CLX electric range.

    The bake (lower) element is bad. Where can I get a replacement element?

  19. I have an approximately 30 year old Gaffers & Sattler gas stove/oven. The pilot is lit for the oven but won’t ignite the burner. What can I do to remedy the situation?

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