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  1. Gaggenau have an excellent customer service reputation and being a German company the have the efficiency you would expect. Not however in the UK! Here they have a representative company BSH. The level of customer service and efficiency from these people is non existent. If you require parts or have any queries I advise you use the website and do it yourself as the less you have to deal with BSH the better. When I advised the customer service supervisor that they should perhaps take some hints from their competitor Miele (far superior after sales service) I was told to ‘go check the firgures’. I would like to check the figures but BSH against Miele. Do yourself a favour if you live in the UK. Do not buy anything from Gaggenau as at some point you will have to deal with the Muppets at BSH!! Gaggenau do those of us a favour who already own your products and sort it out!!!

  2. I need repair service for a burner on my cooktop.

    I live in North Bellmore., new York.

    Please let me know who Ican call for service.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Sirs,

    I’m in Brazil and I bought a cooktop gaggenau some years ago, now it doesn,t working. I think that the problem is in the thermostat.. So please inform where can I find this spare parts. Thanks

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