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  1. I love the programing on Gaia it is refreshing. I am here to make a complaint and the only complaint I have is that you can’t pause the program that you are watching. If I’m wrong please let me know how to pause shows and if I’m right will you please somehow make it possible in the near feature.

  2. Hello i gfoi ment i got my gaia banned from hacking my real life cousin we were in a fight and we were just playing around so i ended it by hacking him My user is R4H JAke-Dylan im sorry for the misunderstanding i hope u can let me off with a warning so i apolgie for my rude behavior to Thank You For your time Sincerly Jake

  3. It is time for renewal and I need to supply my new Visa number. I do not find your telephone number to speak with a representative. My phone number is

  4. i also was hacked and a few years ago xX Okami_kumoriXx was my name i was wondering if i could get my account back. some how?

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