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  1. yes i just reinstalled sniperfury on new device and i can not get my progress back it has me at level 2 and my level is level 60 on sniper fury i went to facebook that did not help at all

  2. This place took my mom for over 400$ and they keep . charging her bank account. ..she has tried calling them and everyone there keeps hanging up on her and they will not return her emails my mom is stuck paying our cell phone bill that is over 400 dollars cause they were taking monwy from her account a couple times a day ..we need to stop these people from theft and fraud and they r just taking people for all they can ..when will this stop

  3. This is the second time I have had to contact this company in the last 3 months and it took me two days to be able to get this fare. After looking at the comments left I can see that this proublem will never be fixed and the company is complicent in the theft and maybe the public service commission will be the only people this company will care to talk to. Your games are cheats and you have fraud ion your Texas holdem game. when sertain people enter a hand the game starts to glitch and pots are stolen. They go thru levels fast and change the working process. I have been removed from the game on the point of reaching level 50 with over 6.4 million virtual dollars then was told there was a proublem with the java reader that day, but never re-inbersed. There were bigger major companys taken down for this kind of conduct. Some one from this company should check the works and employes to find the bugs. It has nothing to do with the money (altho now to look back at it only throwing good after bad),the honesty and reputation of the company should mean something. I am sorry to think that a little enjoyment like this has to be disrupted by dihonest,disinterested and disinfranchised companys like this one.

  4. i play world at arms, for two days we are stuck in limbo no coins for winning, not able start new war it still shows status of last war won, my glory was taken when you gave me prizes, when are you going to fix the can you refund my money i spent on you game

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