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  1. Please have someone contact me about my payment history. My bank has paid through on line banking my payment from July, I should not have a past due amount. The phone system will not connect me to the right department and I have only frustration at your automated system. Helen Vaughn

  2. Thank you for the tip of “000.” It worked and a rep answered quickly.

    My problem has been that the online image for my account is not the one I chose!Customer Service won’t help!

  3. Gap Credit Card Services……

    Maybe I caught you this morning having severe phone issues, but I

    tried to do a payment by phone and I needed to speak to a person,

    which I was unable to do. My April statement of $125.69 does not

    reflect the $30 discount I was to receive for using my Gap card for

    another retailer besides Gap. My bill is not due until April 18th, but

    I had hoped to pay it today. Martha Roderick

  4. GAP sent my statement to an old address and I had forgotten I even had a $50 charge on it. They damaged my credit by reporting that I was 90 days late. What is the phone number?

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