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  1. Never will I purchase a GE appliance again. I purchased a washing machine and about 2 weeks letter it started smoking and it turns out the wires were on fire. I had to fight with my case manager at customer service for about 2 months about getting a replacement and not settling for a repair. When she finally requested an exchange she pretty much told me it was wasting time because 98% of exchange requests are denied. My exchange was approved and a month later they decided to call me the day prior to delivery, while I was in the hospital. I never spoke with anyone only had voicemails, one from my amazing case manager stating she closed my case. About 4 months later and I am still stuck paying for a broken washing machine and have to start my case from the beginning again!

  2. I purchased GE Harmony washer & dryer about 9 yrs. ago. The washer stopped working, we had a GE repairman come out. He charged us $89.95 service charge & told us that he didn’t know what was wrong with it. We did some test ourselves & determined that the panel behind the touch panel had gone out, also the fuse. We replaced both of these items & all was good for about 6 months, then the washer stopped working again. This washer was NOT inexpensive & we paid another $300.00 for the repair that we made. So we decided enough was enough, no more money into this washer. So, we decided to buy a less expensive washer, $500.00 & here it is 50 days after delivery & my new GE washer has stopped working!! I know, why did I buy another GE washer? Now I wait for the repairman, the week before Thanksgiving. Never again.

  3. My entire family has always purchased GE appliances and I now have six in my home and six in our cottage. I had problems with the dryer in the cottage and replaced the part that continually broke by myself. I purchased a refrigerator two years ago in our permanent home and from day one, the dispenser inside the freezer froze up. I had the people that I purchased it from come right away and they said to put paraffin wax around the seal and that it probably needed a new seal and they would replace it. I never heard from them and I called again and that time they told me to put Vaseline around the seal. I never heard of anything so downright stupid. A new refrigerator and having to do those things to it. Then three of the plastic things that hold the pull out drawers broke, so I replaced them myself. I called again because of the frost on the dispenser and the owner of the place I bought it came out and said it was the flap that didn’t close right and he would fix it but never showed. The thing that makes the ice go around to be pushed out froze up so I used a hair dryer to melt the ice. Now the water won’t come out. I am done with GE and with the place I bought it. I have never heard of anything so stupid!

  4. So disappointed with this brand I will never purchase it again. Purchased a new home 1 1/2 years ago all new appliances were installed. I did fill the warranty cards out and mailed them in. Today we was preheating the oven to cook biscuits. All of a sudden sparks fly and smoke filled the room. Smoke and security alarms screaming. Thank goodness it threw the breaker to prevent a fire. A oven is suppose to last longer than a year. Called customer service to verify warranty which is for only one year. Did not take the extended warranty due to price. So everything is out of my pocket. And that was the impression I received from customer service your problem lady not our. Very disappointed with customer service and warranty time. I hope you take this feedback and start building better products. Rest assured when I go shopping I will not be looking at the GE brand.

  5. I have a complete kitchen of GE appliances: refrigerator, micro-wave, dishwasher, range and washer and dryer. I remember when GE was a reputable name in appliances. We just had to replace the icemaker water valve which cost 175 dollars and the refrigerator-freezer is only 19 months old. The repairman was very efficient and knowledgeable. Too bad the quality of the refrigerator- freezer was not. Come on GE, what has happened to your quality of merchandise. Also of course , it was just past warranty.

  6. I purchased a Moffat refrigerator on November 14, 2008. MTR12BASCRWW, Serial # MR302176K.

    On MARCH 16, 2009, the defrost system failed and the grid was covered with solid ice. The Auto defrost mechanism had to be replaced.

    On APRIL 28,2009, the defrost system failed again. This time, it was a wire that had never been properly attached in the back of the freezer. Another service call, under warranty.

    Following these two malfunctions within 4-5 months of purchase, I contacted both the Dealer and GE Customer Service. At both contacts, I requested a replacement refrigerator, since this one was definitely not a reputable product. At GE I spoke with a representative named Susan who told me that they would cover the repair under the warranty, but it would not be replaced, unless there were other complaints, then they could escalate the issue. At the Dealer, the response was that I should buy an Extended Warranty to cover future malfunctions. As for replacement, there was no guarrante that another one would be any better. Such product confidence!!

    APRIL 26, 2013 Another freezer ice up and malfunction. This time, that same defrost timer replacement. COST $ 169.00. And of course, a flooded floor as all of the ice had to melt and overflow the receptacle, since the evaporation system was not working. And, what does one do when this goes on all night?? Stay up and clean!!

    MAY 30, 2013 Another total ice build up! Thursday night, and not able to make a contact with service provider until Monday. After four days of plugging and unplugging the refrigerator, enough ice had melted , and run water over the floor, that the freezer seemed to be working again.

    JUNE 20,2013 Freezer grid totally iced up again. Another service call – this time the result is that the heater unit for melting ice on the grid is dead and more replacement parts are required. Estimated Cost – $ 450. So, again today, I am at home, wiping up overflow water as the iced grid completes melting.

    Am I angry? YES!!

    Do I think GE should replace or repair this refrigerator at no cost to me?? YES!!

    Do I think that Consumer Standards should be set that enforce companies to make products that last longer than a few months? YES!!

    The frig that I replaced when I purchased the GE/Moffat had been operating for over 3o years with no problem. BUT, per today’s standards, it was not ENERGY EFFICIENT. It was certainly more EFFICIENT than the Moffatreplacement.

    Do I think that Extended Warranties should be NECESSARY to cover a major appliance product for 5 years? NO!! I think that manufacturing standards should be such that one would expect the product to last longer than 5 years.

    So – whoever this goes to – I trust that I will at least have the courtesy of a reply.

  7. I bought a new g e profile oven am having a problem it is not working unfortunately I bought for my house in India is there any one they have how can help me indelhi India

  8. We recently purchased new GE appliances for our kitchen and have nothing but problems with them. We bought a Monogram range top and a Cafe double convection oven. The range top warps if you cook on 3 burners at once. It has had all 4 burners replaced and the ignitor on the griddle. Their answer to the warping is to remove the cover and the cutting block before you cook. That is unacceptable to me. They say it is “working as designed”.

    The oven is horrible. It burns everything in the back right corner. You can not cook on all 3 racks at once. The bottom rack is never done and the top burns every time. They have replaced everything in the oven including the computer and it still does the same thing.. The tech has been at our house several times and we have baked every time. He says he’s replaced everything he can. There is a 50 degree variance in the temperature from the center to the back right corner. Customer service says it is ‘working as designed”.

    It’s such a disappointment to have top of the line appliances that are junk and the company won’t stand behind them.

    Shame on you GE!!!!!!! I will never buy another GE appliance

  9. I bought a Frontloaing washer & dryer in dec., 2010 before the end of the year the washer was deemed unrepairable and replaced. Well guess what less than a year later the replacement is dead also. I guess they now make disposable washers use thm 6 or 7 times and get a new one. Also was told they can’t supply a serviceman to our area.

    GE has gone to the bottom of my list as far as a company to do business with. Their products and customer service both stink

  10. I have purchased GE refrigerator 16 cubic feet double door top freezer in 1998 and want to get it repaired from GE refrigerator company service centre at pune. can you provide me GE service centre telephone no and address to me at an early date

  11. Hi I purchased a washer general electric and hold one month for receive my

    Parts and repair my washer. The same problems with my refrigerator

    Monogram. It the worst services in my life. We don’t recommend this products any


  12. Purchased GE Fridge Freezer 4.5yrs ago (had one before for 10yrs) It is making a noise that is not normal and need to get it serviced here in Dublin – Who do I call?

  13. hi we had purchase Fridge (GE) –386 Ltr DD 3-4 years ago, the said fridge is not cooling/working properly kindly send ge engineer for checking and repair our contact no:


  14. I guess I have the same problem as other GE microwave owners have after less than 2 years old the touch pad stopped working properly with only some buttons working. I thought well maybe I will buy the part and change the touch pad. Imagine my surprise when I found the price for the touch pad to be over half the price I paid for this unit. I then check the forums and there are alot of people with the same problems with GE try in get rich off their poor quality unit with no recall from GE I called them. I will never buy another GE appliance and would suggest everone else buy someone else’s they can’t do any worse than GE.


  15. I purchased a 2nd GE microwave as I took a lost on the first microwave, and the same thing happened the paint on the inside of the microwave began to peel and it almost coused a fire as all the medal was exposed. Model #WES1130DM3WW I will never purchase another GE product. Connie

  16. Never, never will I purchase anything from GE again. All of their products works for two years, just past the warranty period. And then they begin having problems. What a waste of our hard earned money.

  17. Help please – purchased GE hi-eff top load 4.1 cu ft washer in 2010 – mod # WHRE5550KWW

    Worst washing machine ever !!!

    Clothes smells


    Not for large loads – GE stated this model was for large loads

    Ruins clothes – tears, rips, holes, stains …. Horrible

    GE – recalls. Consumer help, washer replacement , class action lawsuit .

    Thanks Sheri

  18. I bought a GE Washer&Dryer, 2 yrs ago and my drawer is not working! Im dissapointed that i have this dryer that only lasted 2 yrs when I had another dryer that was cheaper and lasted 12 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m reporting this to Consumer relations and better business bureau immediatley…

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