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  1. I want to speak to customer service and am having trouble finding the correct number. My number is if you can call me or please email me the number.



  2. **To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 081213_csn_Rebecca**

    I’m sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns. Please email me at with your name and phone number. A member of our consumer advocacy team will call you to assist.

    For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



    GE Capital


  4. Phone number 1-866-893-7864 is in the Phillippines not in the USA.

    The phone number for GE Capital Care Credit Fruad is 1-800-268-9131 in Florida

    My Father’s Name, Security Number weas used by my sister to gain credit for a Dental procedure. She had him as the primary on the credit card. This was done without his knowledge or permission.My sister is now DEAD and he is getting the bills.GE Credit is impossible to deal with.My father has mailed them the Death Certificate claimimg the fruad and spoke to them directly. Nobody at GE Capital cares. I am not getting satisification dealing with them. I will do a conference call tomorrow with GE Fruad, and my Father. If there is No resolution i will be going ro the California Consumer Affairs Dept. , and if no help there the California State District Atourneys Dept.

    This is a pile of garbage to have to deal with. GE Capital needs toget real with true Customer Service. If i gave this kind of service to mu customers I would be fired.

    I al also contsting Paul J. Zuch in charge of GE Capital Retail Bank who also is over Care Credit. That number is 1-866-423-3796

  5. I was in desparate need of dental work. I have always taken care of my teeth, but due to suspected medicines I was having to take for a illness that was making me disabled, I did not have any dental coverage, nor the money to purchase any. I had been denied actual Disability from Social Security twice, but I had filed for an Appeal Hearing…the date yet to be determined. I had been referred to an endodontist that offered the CareCredit Card applications. I called, and as it turned out, I already had a account that had been used years earlier for my ex-husband, but was just in my name. I talked to the customer service rep. about using the card, and that is when he asked if I would like the Disability Insurance offered on the card. I asked specific questions about the Full-Disability rules. They were explained to me that anytime after I was enrolled in the Disability Insurance, if I became officially disabled by Soc. Sec.,, the balance of the primary account holder would be paid off. Even though I had already been denied Disability twice, and didn’t have a requested hearing date yet, I decided to pay the hiked up extra each month to have this insurance. I finally did have my day in court, and did receive the right to collect Disability. When I submitted my claim to CareCredit, I was told that even though the date I won Disability was after my enrollment, because Soc. Sec. will back-pay up to 2 years, if proven illness, their Disability Program did not apply to my case…directly contradicting the specific questions I had previously as their customer service rep. on the phone before I even began the dental work. That day on the phone, I was told that the call would be recorded for training purposes…blah, blah,, they have exactly what questions I had asked, and exactly what answers I had been given. I am still forced to pay the hiked up price each month for the insurance, where this issue is not yet resolved…dispite the fact it is not worth the paper it is written on. What good is the Disability Insurance, when Soc. Sec. most always goes back the 2 years…because it generally takes that long just to have your case settled with them. THIS IS A PRACTICE OF LOOP-HOLE FRAUD !

  6. I had a good first experience with Care Credit. It was used for our sons wisdom teeth extractions and everything went just like clockwork as far as payment to the dentist and repayment by us. Now it’s time for another son to get braces and unfortunately the ortho does not accept the card. I called to inquire about a possible paper check payment and ‘talked’ to a person who’s first language was not English. That is so frustrating. I had to repeat information several times and had to have questions repeated as well. When this person was checking our information the call was disconnected. Seriously! So I called back a little hot under the collar and a very nice helpful English speaking person easily answered my question.

  7. This is absolutely the worst card I HAVE EVER HAD! I have paid off my entire bill, ZERO BALANCE, yet they continue to bill me each month. Everytime I speak with them, they say I have cleared the account and I have a ZERO balance. So I have to clear this up each month. It’s been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a credit card and would NEVER recommend it to ANYONE and am so mad that I fell into this trap.

  8. I had a good experience. I had plastic surgery totaling around 3,500. I put it on my care credit. I think I had 18mo interest free. I didn’t pay the amount they suggested. I divided my amount my 18 months and got the correct total I need to pay each month. Then I set up auto payments thru the( care credit) website for the amount I wanted. And never had a problem. Since it was on time automated program thur thirst company I had no worries that it would be in time. I never paid Interest and never an issue. Paid it off and was done with it. I would use ur again if I need too. Just be smart about your payments and you’ll be fine.

  9. I have a Care Credit card for vet bills. The first month I used the card at an after hours vet clinic Care Credit did not send me a bill. I called them (impossible to reach a person whom I can understand) and was told a bill had been mailed on such and such a date – which I never received. I have had the card ten months and used it five times. Each time I use the card I DO NOT receive a bill in that month. I have it on my calendar to pay (electronically through my credit union) and then access my care credit account on line and make sure the payment has been made. Don’t trust them. I pay each promotional balance one month before it is due. After all charges have been paid, I will check my three credit reports. Beware of this company.

  10. I have not had any problems with this company ever. The 12 month no interest was always easy to pay and I did not have any extra charges. As long as you pay the minimum and the total by the date you will be fine.

  11. Run from this company. I had a procedure that was 4200 and was interest free for 6 mos. I made 700 on the 13th of each month with automatic payments set up. One month I received a 25$ late payment because it took 4 days to process yet was still made on the same day as my previous payments all though this reason, only God know why it was considered “late” I think they changed the due date on me with no notice. Now I am worried that my perfect FICO score may be affected. So in sum, I was paying 600 more than my minimum payments, auto debating to avoid forgetting a payment and was somehow late and charged 25$ for an apparent 4 day late payment. This is complete B.S. I am paying this off and will never use them again!!!!

  12. Very dangerous company to deal with! I was supposed to get 12 months at zero percent interest. After 3 months it went to 24.99% intrest! No one could explain how this happened! On a $4,000.00 dental bill this is a hugh bill now! DON’T USE CARE CREDIT OR GE MONEY BANK! RUN FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!

  13. If you are considering this company, RUN, RUN, just as fast as you can. These are the biggest crooks and liars I have ever encountered. My payment was due on the 12th, the customer service rep told me it was received on the 13th after being mailed on the 3rd. Like I beleived that one. Today called the phone number and a miracle happened, the check cleared on the 5th. But still they wanted to charge $25 late fee. After a lot of hot words, I finally got it back down to where it should have been. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN BEFORE A LOT OF OUR SENIOR CITIZENS FALL PREY TO THEIR LYING TATICS. They are rude and make you feel stupid. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS…..YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING BUT TROUBLE

  14. Oh my, I’m scared now. I just had to charge 2 vet visits to my new Care Credit Card and hope I don’t run into any problems with them. After reading so much bad stuff about them, I’m worried. I fully intend to pay my minimum by the due dates and pay everything by the end of promotional dates, but I’m thinking I will still have problems with them. Maybe, I will just pay it all immediately and be done with them for good. I despise dealing with evil companies like this. Had I known, I would never bothered to get one of their cards. I thought it sounded too good to be true. I was hoping it would make things a bit easier on me to pay the amounts slowly. Why do they have have to be so horrible, especially with people who are doing the right thing or are really trying to? BBB, please put them out of business.

  15. Avoid this company. If you have a problem they will put you on hold for 10 minutes or more. I did not receive a bill in December so I called and was given an address where to send my payment. They received my payment, cashed the check, and then proceed to send me another bill for the month of December (late January) with a warning. Think I’m going to call them back – think again. Can’t wait to be rid of this company. They are (in my humble opinion, grossly incompetent.)

  16. I have never worked with a company that bends the rules to their favor as much as Care Credit , which is a company of GE Capital Retail Bank . It is stated that in my 18 month no interest promotion that the only installment that falls under the promotion is the very first installment . Which was from my dentist & it was for X amount . The second installment charged (which we will call Y) to the card was for less money but was not covered under the promotional agreement !! I didn’t know that until i called GE Capital & heard on the automated system that my payment was for a larger amount than should have been due because of the interest charged to the account from what should have been the second charge (Y) which was the lessor of the 2 , but here’s the kicker . While speaking with a account representative i found out that GE Capitol had flip flopped the first (X) & second (Y) charge so they could charge my account interest on the larger of the 2 charges which was X !! I brought this to the representatives attention (because i had my first bill sitting in front of me) & she told me that in fact i was wrong in so many words & that i was in fact being charged on the first charge which was the promotional charge & the higher of the 2 . So if i was any one that was considering using GE Capital Retail Banking in any way , shape or form i would run the other direction as fast as my legs would go . These people are crooks & they don’t care how they do things !! The only way to possibly change things is to go to the BBB and file a complaint which i am doing at the end of this post which is right now . Be Careful Folks !!!

  17. Call each other names isn’t going to help with the problem. What I have found out with Care Credit is if you sign up for it yourself then you see the fine print, but in my case my dentist suggested this route and they signed me up on line and I had no idea the problems that arise. I had paid mine off on time but they didn’t apply my payments to the oldest and biggest amount and in doing that they ended up adding $389.00 interest, when I called and asked about the issue and explained and even showed them that I had paid my dentist bill off in time, I was told that they can apply our payment how ever they want to and that is how they make money off from us, they don’t want us to pay our bills on time and if we do pay them off on time or early they fix it so it looks like we didn’t. All I can say is don’t suggest to anyone you know that GE Money or Care Credit is a good thing because they are dishonest. Don’t make your payments early even by a day they consider that an extra payment and then when your due date comes around if you don’t pay the minimum payment it is considered late. To them there is no such thing as early.

    Have a wonderful day

  18. I did not want a credit card from them but The Hylan Dentist sign me up for one .They say it was for checking if I had good credit so my brother in law could get his tooth pulled. No I did not know they had sent in for a credit card. Now the bill is for $620 dollars just for one tooth pulled.I cant qafford this i am on a fixed income. what if my brother in law stop paying I will be stuck with the bill.

  19. I received a call from CareCredit stating that I had not paid my monthly payment, and that it was now considered late. I have been paying my CareCredit payment on time for the last year and a half (had to get it for an expensive vet bill). When I received this message, I immediately called CareCredit to see what was going on. They told me that I had not made a payment for the month. I told them I had, but I had just gotten an e-mail that day stating that the funds had not been processed. This concerned me because I had plenty of funds in my account in order to pay this bill on time. The man I was talking to in customer service told me that I must have put my bank information in wrong when I went to pay my bill. I told him that I have my bank information automatically entered so I won’t have to retype it every time. I asked him to tell me what information it said I typed in, and he told me he could not do that for security purposes. Okay, so he can basically tell me everything else that goes along with my account (my account number, e-mail address, phone number, name, address, etc), but he can’t tell me what information he says I put in? This made no sense to me. I told him I used my correct account information, and they were just trying to get more money from me. He told me that anyone could just go put in all zeros for their bank information, doesn’t mean that they are paying their bills. REALLY! Don’t belittle me like that. I wasn’t saying that I put all zeros in, who does that? I was saying that I know my information is saved and that there could be no way I made a mistake in typing it because IT’S SAVED! So anyway, he goes on to tell me I have made late payments almost the entire time I have had the card. This is incorrect. I always pay my payments days to WEEKS before it is due because I like getting my bills paid early. I brought up my account to explain to him that I had paid all my payments on time… I was looking at them right in front of me. No late fees, no phone calls from CareCredit, nothing, so how was I “late every month”. He told me I was, and that I must not be looking at what he was looking at. Really? Again, he’s trying to tell me I’m doing something that I didn’t do. Now I tell him that I would like to talk to his supervisor, and he advises me that they will tell me the same thing that he told me. He will not transfer me to someone else. He then proceeds to LAUGH at me. I’m talking about a full on laugh. I asked him what was funny, and he told me nothing. He said there was nothing he could do to help me. He said he was actually being quite kind with me because I’m the one who didn’t pay my bill on time. I tell him that this was the worst customer service I have dealt with and would really like to talk to someone else, but he tells me that everyone will tell me the same thing. At least let me talk to someone else! In my line of work, if someone asks to talk to my supervisor, I’ll at least let them do that. So anyway, I tell him that I will be writing a letter to the company, and he just laughs again. How can they get away with having such horrible customer service?

    Also, he told me I’ll pay my card off in 8 years if I pay the monthly minimum every month. Awesome. This is where I wish I could write something about the vet I went to because they told me it would take a year. I shouldn’t have listened to the vet because they’re the ones who convinced me getting a CareCredit account would be a good idea. Worst decision ever.

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