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  1. I purchased 2 remote control cars that were delivered 10 days ago. One of the items came loose in the box during shipping and arrived broken I immediately tried to contact the company through their website but it was not working, so I sent an email asking what was needed to return the broken item for a replacement

    I only received an automated response telling me to check the return policy and to send photos.

    To date I have sent photos 3 times through their email address and 4 times through their ticket system on their website…….each time I get the same automated response again asking for photos and a description of the problem

    I am out of patience customer service does not exist

    I bought 2 cars for my kids for Christmas and with only 1 working they cannot use them

    terrible company to deal with…..never again

  2. No package (over one month) no contact that works, I can’t find anyway to find out anything at all. website looks good, but nothing is “hot”, no live chat no phone number that indicates it is GEARBEST, just generic message, etc. I believe this is not a real company, and that my money has been stolen.

  3. I had no problems with delivery or price from this company. I saved $30. on a $80. retail item, that made me very happy. It did take 3 weeks ,but it had been delivered FREE from the Netherlands !!! I only wish there was a contact # with a human to answer my questions ASAP.

  4. very poor service form Gearbest online company i will also write about my feedback on facebook page

    i m not happy with your service b.coz i order my phone on 03/02/2016 but till date my product not deliverer.

    and also many time send mail to your company but no replay from your company side. payment also done by my credit card but till date no replay if are not able to deleverd my product so please return my payment .

    my oreder number W1602030413098700 please replay

  5. Simply DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS!! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!! My son spent all his birthday money on an RC Car that was junk after it took a month to arrive. He was heartbroken and the yoyo’s at gearbest kept giving me a “canned response”. I too am contacting my Credit Card company to claim fraud against this so called Company. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!

  6. I recieved a drone it had 2 male connnectors on the wires so i couldnt charge the battery i have repeately contacted them, when i put in my order number it always says it is not correct, but it is,. i recieved an offer of $8 refund the item was $36 i refused it. now i am waiting, i sent the pics thy requested. thy just seem to ignor you, thy have no live chat and no phone number. i would say thy are a bogus company, but i did get my item ,only it was faulty and thy dont want to do anything about it. i would never buy anything from them again, i would not recommend them to anyone.

  7. Horrible company and customer service, just horrible. I ordered a brand new IPV 5 vape box mod and when I received it there was no power. I tried 3 different sets of batteries in it and still nothing. So I contact the company and let them know so I can get an exchange. They tell me oh well check your batteries, yea right. I have been vaping for years and know when a battery is charged. They finally give me options for an exchange or return of the item, but guess what. I have to pay out more money to get an exchange or receive a refund. So no matter what I choose I am the one screwed out of 60.00 for the box mod, and they want another 35.00 dollars for shipping it back and getting an exchange. Or I can pay 35.00 dollars and keep this broken one and they will send me another one. How ridiculous is that? What am I going to do with a broken box mod? Idiots should be sending me another one for free or paying for my shipping to send this broken one back so I can get my exchange. Horrible Company!!!!!!

  8. I guess some one is getting on E line to order some things and glad some one answered my question about telephone #s as I was never able to finone in two days looking. I could not get by place ordeer and was unable to find the reason why. Guess I don’t need to order my stuff ,after all. THA

  9. I ordered 2 WiFi routers. the directions are in all chinese and I use english. Can’t get ahold of anyone at GearBest.

  10. I ordered an LED watch and nothing came with it. I sent a request for the instructions to set the time and date and was told by the company representative that it comes with the correct time and date… The date on my watch is off by a month and a half and the time is off by 2 hours and 12 minutes. When I sent an email back to the support folks that this was a bogus answer, I was told that they would have to contact the manufacturer… This must be the first LED watch that they have sold?????

  11. I purchased a drone from them the 1st week in Feb, 2016 received it after the Chinese new year around 18th, opened the parcel to my surprise the gimbal and 5000mah battery was not included in the package. I contacted them via the website, at 1st their claim was the gimbal was not include and $ will be refunded to my for the missing battery, and that I had to contact USPS Consumer Affairs to put in a dispute. I was able to prove to them that the gimbal was include in the purchase price as advertised on their website, and I don’t want the battery refund. I want my battery and gimbal. So I contacted my credit card company and put in a disputed with them to get my $169.00 refund if they don’t honor the agreement.

    Not a very good company.


  13. give me the black sports watch before its too late I bought it before it was too late so can u hand it to me here is my address. the thing I bought was this U8s Bluetooth 3.0 watch.

  14. I ordered a DZ09 SMART PHONE WATCH 3 weeks ago, still have not received my product. Try calling keep getting answering service. Does anyone know how to get in contact with Gear Best’s, Customer Service Department.

  15. I’m wondering if gear best is a bogus company… If I don’t get a resolution soon, I will write the worst review they have ever and post it on facebook… No untruths, just facts.

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