General Mills


General Mills is one of the world’s largest food companies, they make some of the world?s best-loved brands, including:
Betty Crocker,
Green Giant,
Nature Valley,
Fiber One, and

General Mills Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1 General Mills Boulevard
Minneapolis MN 55426
Corporate Phone Number:1-763-764-7600

General Mills, Inc. Corporate Mailing Address
P.O. Box 9452
Minneapolis, MN 55440

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18 Replies to “General Mills”

  1. Regarding all Yoplait yogurts incl. lite yoplait. Your label states it contains an artificial sweetner,

    ASPARTAME which is known to cause cancer. With this info. well documented, WHY does

    General Mills company continue to include aspartame in Yoplait??? If you are interested in

    good safe nutrition for the public, please stop using ASPARTAME.

  2. I LOVE the Fiber One Lemon Brownies and Cinnamon Brownies. Chocolate is good but these new flavors are incredible. I have one or the other every morning with my coffee. It’s so great to have something besides chocolate. Please keep making them and I urge everyone to try them. Kudos to General Mills.

  3. Hello, I have purchased your Fiber One products in the past and was satisfied. I recently purchased your Fiber One 90 calorie Cinnamon Coffee Cake advertised as “New”. Your brownies were a good low calorie alternative so I had hoped this flavor variety would be as well. Sadly the taste is terrible. There is a serious after taste and it just doesn’t seem to meet the over all quality I had come to enjoy from some of your other products. Cinnamon is such a favorite and I had hoped that this would be an enjoyable option, but I found it so unpleasant I plan to discard the remaining bars in the box. I know this is not the kind of input you want to hear, but as a General Mills fan I felt I should say something. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Valerie

  4. Thank You General Mills for Distributing GREEN GIANT microwaveable vegetables made simple! PLEASE DON’T CHANGE A THING with your GREEN GIANT green beans & almonds! They are perfect – flasj frozen, simple, no additives and low calory. Thank you, from a satisfied consumer.

  5. I wish ya’ll would bring back the “BUTTER RECIPE CHOCOLATE CAKE MIX” with pudding in the mix…….I contacted ya’ll and am still waiting .

    ps You should “NEVER” discontinue an item that is sooooooooo wonderful. I tried that old replacement flavor and it doesn’t measure up, so, until you bring the good one back, I’ll be buying Duncan Hines and Pillsbury…..I think I’ll try Chocolate Cake from scratch.

    Hoping you respond with positive news about bringing back my fav cake mix.

    PS#2 I wrote about “Betty Crocker Butter Recipe Chocolate Cake” with pudding in the mix…at type in Tamars’ Treasures ….

  6. I purchased the Nature Valley Simple Nut Bar roasted peanut and honey. It is 16 bars which I have no intention of eating. The first one was so gooey that it seemed like it had been melted and then put back on shelves. They shouldn’t stick to the wrapper and be impossible to unwrap. Yuch!

  7. I have purchased two boxes of the Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits, both of the boxes only contained “3” inside of the packs instead of the “4” as listed on package. Error in printing or error in packaging? Either way, I don’t think I will purchase again. Purchased at Walmart in Uniontown, Pa. Bar code # 1600051078.


  8. The grandson of a close friend was recently killed in a shark attack. The Fiber One ad with the shark spitting out the goggles of a diver is very distasteful. Please consider the feelings of victims and their families.

  9. i have purchases a box of your Hamburger helper beef stroganoff and i have noticed the noodles are not in any kind of bag just lose in the box.With all the concern about animal feces these day is this you practice or just an employee not doing the job about checking them.Sometimes they are in bags and sometimes not.Is it safe to eat or should i buy the product from another company

    thank you

    Joe N.

  10. Given the number of shark attacks this year, I find Fiber One’s latest commercial showing a shark burping out a small pair of swimming goggles to be in extremely poor taste. Shame on you.

  11. My son found a metal object in his cookies and cream cereal last November and Now I finally have the time to say that I am soo angry that I spent my money on cereal and I got metal instead and I will never buy your cereals again and I still have your metal and cream cereal as a reminder.

  12. I purchased Fiber One chocolate chip fiber bars from Costco and the chocolate chips were old (discolored and crumbly). I returned the box to Costco last night. This morning I returned a box of Fiber One chocolate brownie bars to our local grocery store because yesterday I discovered white worms/maggots in the brownie I was eating. I did take pictures and keep the actual bar in the wrapper and showed it to the store manager, the worms were still alive. Totally grossed out because I didn’t discover the worms until after ingesting some of the brownie. YUK!!! Never buying Fiber One and possibly General Mills again! So disgusting! The expiration on both products wasn’t until December of this year. I will also be calling General Mills to put in a complaint. 🙁

  13. nature valley had a great almond crunch bar , where is it ! all the new pretty wrap bars like sweet and spicy ,coconut almond are not nearly as good ! please tell me you are still making almond crunch it is full of nuts and oh so sweet better than all the other put to gather . carol 08/04/15

  14. Love your products my favorite are the brownies and cake like bars. I have to hide the lemon bars. I share but still have to hide them. Just heard you have a sea salt caramel bar. Sadly I can not get them as o ly target will sell them. I do not live remotely c

    Ose to a target. Please change your mind and let Walmart sell them

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