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  1. September 19,2012 Spoke with Customer Service after watching Today Show this a.m. also included on the show was Dr. Oz. My great grand daughter has been eating Gerber rice cereal for months everyday with her fruit& vegs. After watching Today show I immediately went to our local Publix shopping store and purchased the oatmeal cereal for tiny tummies. Spoke with the manager of the store which seemed very concerned and is watching for e-mails alerting stores of further notice of concern pertaining to baby rice cereal. I feel Gerber needs to stay right on this and owes it to the US population who feeds their precious babies this food. We have to trust you to protect our children please keep public informed.

  2. I would like to see a Gerber baby Vending Machine at All gas station and at all State Fairs. And in all Malls and at all Airports and train stations this would sure help lots of parents out daily And at state park when people are camping. and at movie theaters have a small vending machine.

    hope to see them come very soon. Parent need to feed their baby out in public too.

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