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  1. This company is fraudulently selling gift certificates to my restaurant. The way I found out is because a lady called us because she had no received her gift certificate that she claimed to have purchased online with us. I informed her that our website does not accept online purchases. She directed me to Giftrocket website that she made the purchase on. I had no idea they had our information on their website nor do we honor any gift certificates other than our own.

  2. called 443-876-2538 also emailed [email protected] with no response!!! I tried to redeem card BUT got “card is unsupported- please try another card or redemption method!” Called the sender of gift card and she had the same problem and could not get a response by phone nor emails. I GIVE GIFTROCKET VERY BAD REVIEWS!!!!

  3. Scam ! Gift Rocket is a scam . Same thing happened to me. Recieved a 200.00 gift as wedding gift. Can’t redeem won’t recognize my credit card after I entered all my personal info
    Called my bank and cancelled my card at once . Don’t be fooled here Jake is a Liar !!!

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