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  1. I have used Mach 3 products for over a decade. I recently purchased a 5 pack of Mach 3 turbo blades and the mechanism that allows the blade to swivel is defective. This causes the blades to cut me numerous times whenever I use them. I have never had this trouble before and was wondering what the company could do to help because these blades cost over 20 dollars and I can’t use them. They were purchased at target in Florida . Please help me with this problem. I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to continue to purchase these blades only to have them not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I have bee using Gillett Fusion Power for the

    Past few years. It broke and I cannot find

    The same. I had recently bought 24 replacement

    Blades and I don’t want it to waste it.

    The razor was black handle

    with battery.

    Pl help

  3. Having just purchased my usually Gillette proglide shave gel on pressing down the top to release some of the gel it appears there is something wrong with the nozzle where it comes out as it started coming out the sides as well and in a panic not thinking to just put it in the sink I have run down stairs with the container and left a trail of blue gel everywhere. Nothing serious you may say. Well it took me ages getting it off the carpet stairs and through out the house. Having looked on the container it gives you very little to go on as to who to complain to and im not creating a false economy by driving all the way back to tescos for a replacement. I have kept the tube and would kindly ads you where I return this to please.

  4. I am now seeking my third Gillette Fuson Proglide Styler Razor in less than seven months. The problem seem to be after working for a couple of months, the Proglide Stsler stop working completely;this even after replacing with a fresh new battery. I notice that the product is made in China. What is the problem?

  5. For a large company there is no easy process that is in place to critique your product.

    In preparation for travel internationally I purchased a quantity of three Gillette shave gels and none of them worked. They all seemed to lack propellant. What a shame!

    when I tried to reach you I spent fifteen minutes on the phone. Apparently your customer complaint desk was so filled with complaints that you don’t have time to provide prompt service. You really need to create a web site that is user friendly or you will risk loosing all of your loyal customers. When I finally got through the representative was polite and sympathetic but most people wouldn’t have had the patience and would just stop buying your product altogether.

    I waited another 5 minutes for the representative to figure out how to handle the complaint.

    What a shame it is 2013 and this site is managed as poor as the OBAMA WEB SITE!

    I had to be on the phone for over 15 minutes to report this manufacturing problem because I enjoy Gillette products and would like to purchase your product in the future not because I wanted something free. The process you have developed to reach your customer complaint department is burdensome and time consuming. I will not use this process again!


  7. i am been using gillette items for over 10 years but lately i have problems with shaving cream gel cans it will not despence gel after i have used 60% of it and this is my 4th can with same problem so please let me know why.cannot get any answers from retalers

  8. i am been using gillette items for over 10 years but lately i have problems with shaving cream gel cans it will not despence gel after i have used 60% of it and this is my 4th can with same problem so please let me know why.cannot get any answers from retalers

  9. I have been using Gillette shaving products since I could afford to buy them in 1985. The quality of the shaving blades are brilliant. They last me for almost 6 months and give me a fantastic shave. My son now also uses Gillette products. Amazing quality from an amazing brand.

  10. I have been using the sensor razor for many years ,I have 3 of them ,my problem is the quality of razor blades is terrible ,besides being expensive the last 20 blades did not give one good shave right out of the package ,very disappointed as I have used Gillette razors my whole life and Im 68

  11. I been looking from this one razor holder to, they still sell the razor in stores but haven’t sold the holder forever. It my favorite, now looking for a new brand. It stupid that the best razor is not at stores


  12. I had a blade fall of during shaving and could have been deadly! I paid too much to risk my life shaving it bent and was protruding very dangerous

  13. Dear Gillette

    Several years ago I acquired a Gillette Sensor razor and a number of packages of blades. I have been using these for the past years but the poor old razor blade holder is not what it used to be. The blade assembly keeps falling out of the razor and I cannot find another razor blade holder.

    Can you tell me where I can get a new razor holder?



  14. Hi Gillitte,

    Lifelong user of Gillette products. This morning the on-off switch to my power Fusion razor fell off into the sink drain. Never had this problem before and ask your assistance. I like the power feature with my shaves. Thank you,


  15. I have been using Gillette products since 1965 when theSouth African defence force issued every recruit with a shaving set.the blades were the double sided,called Silver Gillette and the holder was the”twist to open-twist to close” type.You could shave with the grain, against the grain or whatever.

    After seeing a t.v. advert for the new fusion razor. WORST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE!!!….it would have been better to shave with a toothbrush.not only is the handle very expensive, but the extra blades as well.

    i now wish to offer a sum of R1000.00 to anyone who has had a decent shave.

    Lawrence Ginsberg

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