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  1. Please send me ONLY one daily notification……my e-mail is filling up with almost 20 messages from you each day and through the night. I will need to stop taking your messages if you cannot accommodate my request!!! This is very annoying. I am a job seeker and appreciate your job board, but is has come to the point of annoyance.

    I just left a phone message for customer service. Please call me at

  2. I’m very unhappy! I tried leaving an honest portrayal of my experience at Bath and Body Works and you won’t post it or take it down! That’s unacceptable! I’m sorry it’s not favorable but neither was the way I wastreated there! Perhaps they want it taken down I’m not sure but I’m disgusted!

  3. My previous employer noticed a severe downward spiral in ratings after a string of layoffs, firings and inter-office politics. I notified Glassdoor that the company was making an initiative to post fake positive reviews. They not only are allowing over 30 fake reviews, they’ve also removed a majority of the negative(but truthful) ones.

  4. Please check the spelling of your “(less than an year)” in your website and correct the typo. It’s kind of disturbing to look at.

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