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  1. I have been using Macleans toothpaste for more than 60 years, but am now informed by Checkers and Pick ‘n Pay that you have discontinued this product. This is unacceptable! Why should it now be necessary for me and others like me to have to change brands. It is not that the product is no longer popular. The local supermarkets sell out faster than you can supply them under normal circumstances.

  2. Your advertising is one of the most disgusting TV ad I have ever seen and find it repulsive. What possible point are you trying to make with people eating and food slapping them all over their face.

    i have compained about this and you will not remove it cannot understand why.

    i refuse to purchase any products that you have in any drugstore or anywhere else. I

    make it a practise to check the small print.

  3. Gentlemen;

    I have disignated with since 2011 . My doctor has prescribed for me

    I have no prescription drug insurance and It cost me $ 250.00 a Month for this medication. I am 81 yrs old and poor health , I was wondering if you could help me with payments for this medication . My finances are very limited and I can barely afford the supplement to Medicare My Email address is listed below and any halp would be appreciated.

    My telephone number is: I live in Norwich , Ct 06360 and the address is

  4. So I guess you heard, I LOVE cocoa and cream Tums. I imagine that was the reason you discontinued production. I will no longer be able to buy Tums products since the rest of them are NASTY. Please let me know if you ever decide to make the yummy Tums again. I guess I’ll have the surgery so I won’t need the Tums ever again. BTW–I was buying 6 bottles a month and I know lots of other people who liked them too. Bad decision.

  5. GSK fails to notify customers of “business decisions” that cause it to deny people free drugs under its access program. Twice now, I’ve been denied help after I reached the donut hole in my drug benefits program. The first time, I again used VA drug payments to meet my $600 for year-to-date drug payments. After being denied, customer rep finally got around to saying that the VA payments had been taken off the list of eligibility. So I got my regular drug benefits above $600 by paying a regular price for a drug. Then GSK sends me a letter saying I have health insurance that pays prescription drugs. Of course I do, and always have. But I reached the donut hole two years. The first year GSK provided three months of free Advair. But that was when I used VA drug benefits. This year, after denying application because of VA, the customer service rep did not mention the prescription drug service, and , instead said I’d have to meet $600 limit with one company. I did. And it wasn’t enough. This sounds like fraud to me.

  6. Hi, You have an employer called Mrs Tracy Orr. the women is a total pig I have never spoken to anyone so rude

    if you employ people like this you should be ashamed of yourselves. and her husband he is as bad rude and .pig-headed


  7. I am so disappointed to learn that Tums Smoothies Cocoa and Creme are not being made any longer. They were the only antacid product I could take and they were actually great tasting. I know and read about so many others that feel the same. Could you Please respond and let me know if there is a plan to bring them back ? I truly hope so. Thanks for you time and any help you can offer.

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