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  1. I am unable to find the numbers requested (IMEI OR MEID)for the confirmation of the sale. Please assist me in finding the number. Thank you.

  2. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet and there is no way to contact glyde to see if it has been shipped. They used my credit card but there was no confirmation number or anything to show that it had been received. It said that I would receive it between 11/24 and 11/26/2014. How do I find out what is going on with my order??

  3. I purchased a iPhone 5s on glyde website, and I still haven’t received it and it’s been almost 2 weeks when they said it was going to be in on the 29th of December. You guys have no contact information and I need to know where my item is because I payed for it!!!!

  4. I advertised an emaculate Galaxy SII on Glyde. It was shipped to the customer. There was a problem with then ESN, which I had no idea. The customer sent the phone back to me and the screen shattered. Now I have a worthless phone and Glyde Isnt doing anything about it.

    You cant call them, you can only email them, which makes things even worse. Like they care about there customers…NOT


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