GMAC is a global financial services company that was founded in 1919. Initially formed to provide automotive finance products and services to General Motors dealers and clients, GMAC has since expanded its business to include mortgage operations, insurance, commercial finance and online banking.

GMAC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1100 Virginia Drive
Fort Washington, PA 19034
GMAC Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-734-8899
GMAC Mortgage Loan Servicing Center
3451 Hammond Avenue
Waterloo, IA 50702

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  1. gmac financial
    my father purchased a silverado 2018 august 2018, paid for over half of it at time of purchase. he has passed on. he never got an account number to make payments. i am his executor trying to pay off the truck, repo men are trying to pickup the truck. GMAC i think has the wrong address. i called gmac financial but without an account number they just left me hanging.

  2. I called ten days ago to get a copy of the lien release on my 2005 Buick Rendezvous, which has been paid off for 5 years, but I lost the lien release. I have a buyer but can’t sell it until I get a copy of the release. The entire process last week took about 45 minutes with me having to repeat everything two or three times. I was told the release would be put in the mail with 2 – 3 days. It has been 10 days and still no release, so I called again and spent another 45 minutes on the phone with someone who barely spoke English. Her name is Tessa or Jessa (I couldn’t understand even when she spelled it). She told me it had not been three days yet so not enough time had passed. I explained that I called not this Monday, but Monday of last week, which makes 10 days. She said she was putting in another request and I should have it within 3 business days. Not trusting that it was done, I called back and spoke with someone else who went through the entire process and said I should receive a copy within 3 days. However, as we ended the call, she said I should get the release by Monday of next week. What happened to 3 days? .Both girls were polite and were just doing their best, but it was not good enough. Your customer service stinks. This is only one of the many reasons I will never purchase a General Motors vehicle again.

    1. they haven’t gotten any better! I need my release letter too. Same song and dance, took my information, took it again, no letter…did you ever get in touch with a person who could help or just the 800# people. I agree they are nice, but they DON’T HELP. Ally needs to offer tier 2 resolution…not just the passive request sending they currently use.

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