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Gmail is Google’s popular free email service. Gmail provides users with over 7 GB of storage, spam filters, mobile and smart phone access, and social networking (Google +1).

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  1. I want to permanently remove the Promotions, Social, & Updates tabs from my email page. I am an investor and today I have lost a fair bit of money because one of my alerts sat in the Updates file for 3 days when I was expecting it to be in my Inbox. I am pretty upset of course. But I would rather be the one to determine which emails go where! I depend on ALL my emails to go to my INBOX.

  2. 7/6 @ 2:00 am, someone is trying to access my gmail account from another computer. How can we track the device trying to access my gmail account illegally by using my phone. Also, it is the first time. I have experienced this, and the person has continue to do this more than four times between 2:00 am and 2:24 am. Thank you.

  3. I have recently tried to change my password for my original gmail address about a month ago. Google said they werent sure if it was me. Now they wont return it to me. Ive tried to NO avail to contact them by phone by email. Nothing. Ive endlessly tried numerous time to do gmail (google) recovery. No help at all. Im LIVID ! I have important documents i cant retrieve.

  4. I need to speak to a customer service rep by telephone. I have only a land line phone, and cannot receive text messages.

  5. Why has my gmail disappeared? I have tried all the instrauctions given to restore it and none of them work! You said you would give me a verification code by phone but you have my OLD phone number. My number now is . Please use it and give me the ve4rification number. I have followed all instructions to restore my gmail and none of th4em works.
    Even tried to open a new account and thata didn’t work either. LLThis is infuriating. Help me!!!

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