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  1. My name is Judith Pepe and I bought a site “the Hermit Crafter. I getting prepared to open my site, but it is not listed on the internet. why is it not listed. Please advise. Kudith

  2. Webmaster… I suggest you take action on this…

    GoDaddy is hounding me for payments for a website I was never able to create, thanks to it’s unbelievable obscurity and lack of customer support and service. Also, in spite of any legal jargon, it’s automatic re-billing is a trick and a scam. Call off the GoDaddy collection agency, or I will establish a class action suit in behalf of the many hundreds of irate people who have been bilked by GoDaddy. We will sue for any lost ad money in small claims court. A false charge for services not rendered, followed with collection harassment, is illegal and GoDaddy is liable for criminal and civil damages… If you want my legal credentials please contact me at the email address I have given you here!

    And Webmaster… I really suggest you take action on this or I will devote my life to bringing honest legal judgment against GoDaddy!!

  3. Same here. Have been trying to call for Customer Support. No such luck. They have no way to reach them. I’ve emailed and no response. This is ridiculous.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have attempted to call GoDaddy for some time now — 24/7 phone service is a joke! I suggest anyone should think long and hard before signing up with this company.

  5. godday is the worst company they are a Swindler, i used them for my domains and as a server,

    and sales people they froud it me 2 times untill now, they dont take any responsibility for any own mistakes they make on others account, the most cheater and gyp and defrauder

    change youe hosting company as soon as possible

  6. Im sure your industry has some problems from time to time but the worth of a company is measured by how fast a problem can be solved. My e-mail has been down for to long. I will not let this problem of yours effect my companies worth.

  7. Hi

    From last 7 Days i am getting this error Frequently while accessing my http://www.pavancargo.net.

    Kindly Resolve Issue and let me know what is the problem and please solve it as soon as possible.


    Service Unavailable

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.


    Awaiting for the Soon Reply


    Vishal Shah

  8. I cancelled my website one year ago in January. I then received an auto withdraw from my bank account — WHICH NO LONGER EXISTS!!!! so I sent 3 emails cancelling AGAIN. NOW I am getting calls from a collection company and I am irate — CANCEL THE DAMN WEBSITE and call off your dogs!!!!!! Peggy Winter 3 pigs pro pet salon and GET IT DONE NOW

  9. A company by name picknhost in India has dicontinued my service without warning and I have had no service for the past one three weeks. Planning to shift to go daddy.

  10. I would like to quit my service. Can anyone call me please? My name is Angelica Torres, I am in Toronto, tel:. Thank you

  11. I have an issue with my site displaying and trying to talk to customer service is a joke. Agent couldn’t help me said he was transferring me to someone who could specifically help. He put me back in the queue where I waited 35-40 min before hanging up. I just called in again. They quote a 12 min wait. It’s been 20. This is very frustrating. I don’t recommend this company at all.

  12. Go daddy is a scam,

    A year ago I purchased a website and go daddy arbitrarily charged my credit card without authorization this year. When I called they said they can’t do anything about it.. NEVER EVER AGAIN… Do not deal with godaddy.com …I specifically told their agent that I wanted the website registration only for one year..

  13. I have some problem about the website mail … do not send any mail to others and not uploading any dostuffents.please help the problem My site Domain name http://www.ave-ad.com and this is from abudhabi …please send the customer service number in abudhabi.

  14. godaddy you withdrew money from my account without my permission I want it back. I will dispute it with my bank you will never get another penney from my bank I will have them to block any of your attempts. and cancel my account immediately and if you do not send me back my money I will sue you in court for fraud.

  15. GoDaddy has ruined itself. It was a good company when it started, fair to customers and reputable.

    It is no longer a decent company, plays games to overcharge you, much higher than other companies, will not let you talk to anyone in charge to straighten out your problems with them.

    God help the stock holders.

  16. How in the world does one get in touch with GoDaddy customer service when suddenly one is unable to log into your companies workspace?

  17. I have a complaint against godaddy.com. We consumers should not allow big corporations like goddady.com to prey on us. If you have been abused, ripped off by godaddy.com should take actions against this company. They have become, abusive, fraudulent and deceptive.

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