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  1. Why can’t I speak to someone about my Gofobo account not working. I used my pass word ans it won’t work Best regards AF Morse

  2. I received an email for What Men Want. I signed in and was asked for a redemption code and never received one. The screening is tonight. This has never happened to me before. Please forward a code so I may attend. Thanks

  3. I tried to redeem my.pass for the movie WHAT A MAN WANT that’s showing 1/23/19
    But it wouldn’t let me get in to redeem. Can you assist with me getting the pass. I need two.

    Thank you

    GThe show is for the Cineplex, Tomorrow.
    I cannot find a free phone number for you.
    The invitation that came to Susilawati_bryant was an invitation, not a contest, to redeem for passes to Stan and Ollie for 16 January.

    GoFoBo did NOT send a “code” with the invitation.
    Yet, GoFoBo kept asking me for a code after asking me to Redeem.

    I have already spent two hours on this.
    Your prompt assistance would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  5. My address has changed but your site doesn’t let me change it—and so if I win a prize, it won’t go to my address. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    My cellular phone is:
    Thank you in advance,

  6. I got an e-mail last week about a screening at the Delray Marketplace At The Frank Theater At 7 p.m. on Monday, July 23, 2018 for the new Mission Impossible Movie with Tom Cruise. Can you send me another code since the e-mail was inadvertently deleted by my husband.

    I sent you an e-mail on Friday, but got no answer.

  7. I went to a movie with tickets at the loyd center for free pases through gofobo and one person was holding a spot for 20 people. all of us waited in line for 2 hrs. and at the last 20 min. 20 people come at the front of the line that one person was holding for them this was so rude. please see if you can do anything about this Christine allison

  8. Bonjour voila je gagne des laisser passer mais jai pas limage du film avec le code barre noir pour reclamer mes laissez -paseser jaimerais savoir comment cela fonctionne merci

  9. I can never ever ever find the radio button that says “write a review.” It does not come up under any of the intuitive tabs. Why did they set it up so it’s so deep to find?

    I believe it should be under My Fobo/My Reviews. And nothing more to do but click on a Radio Button “Write a Review” (it should automatically appear on the My Review page once you click on My Reviews.) That’s all you should need to do intuitively.

    It should secondly also appear on Movies tab as a radio button as well (if you want people to write more reviews I’d say make it easy and have it a second place.)

    I typed the movie name in the search field and no write a review came up. No matter how many clicks away I did.

    I got to http://www.gofobo.com/movie_reviews/choose_movie and the movie I wanted to review did not come up no matter what I dd to pull it up.

    I had to do a google search to find it eventually. After writing a review it had a

    Write another review” radio button but when I clicked on it it brought me right back to that page = http://www.gofobo.com/movie_reviews/choose_movie — that does not bring up the movie or a write a review button. This is difficult.

    PLease just put the radio button – plain as day – “WRITE A REVIEW” up on the home screen. The green radio button that takes you right to the writing page. Let me write the name of the movie in the title bar and begin.

    If not put it just one screen deep under “MYFOBO” AND “MOVIES”.

    Ii it must be 3 screens deep please put it under “MY REVIEWS.”

    I have never had this much trouble on a website finding something like this – it is so weird because the rest of the site is so clearly laid out.


  10. Gofobo main page has changed and when I enter there is no tab for reprint my passes, have a pass next week for Rose water? There need to be a tab to re-print our passes.

    Also there was a page of movies screening coming to our area and could enter each movie to see if it was open for passes or to enter a code, don’t see that either

    In most cases when there is a change it is to make it easier not more difficult as it is now. Looks like not much thought was put into the changes

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